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Update From Eric's Mum

I spoke to the v-e-t at length about Eric's test results. He has now been diagnosed with feline diabetes - his blood glucose level should have been between 4 and 9 and instead it was 28. The good news is that none of his other test results were abnormal and he did not have any ketones in his urine, which the v-e-t says indicates that the diabetes had not gone long untreated.

Eric is going to need us to inject him with insulin twice a day and his diet will be changed somewhat - no more dry food because it is too high in carbohydrates, just a protein-high diet of stinky goodness (he will enjoy that) and no Temptations or cat treats whatsoever (he will be upset about that!).

We had been planning to go on holiday on Saturday (to Derbyshire) and Eric is booked into the kitty jail for 10 days. I felt really bad about this and had a long chat with the v-e-t. He does not want to start the insulin immediately in these circumstances because he wants to observe Eric very closely during the first week of taking insulin so that he can adjust the dosage as necessary to stabilise his blood glucose. He thinks it would be better and less stressful to delay starting the insulin and have the staff at the kitty jail just watch Eric's diet for 10 days (they are very caring and have a vet who comes in every day), and we have made an appointment for the day after we come back for Eric to start his insulin treatment. The vet has given us a lot of information about feline diabetes to read and a DVD to watch - they are being very helpful. I have also looked at some websites about feline diabetes but would appreciate further recommendations.

Eric had to visit the v-e-t again tonight for another glucose test - he was very stressed out about the whole experience on Tuesday but tonight he was much more resigned to it, and even dozed off with his head on the v-e-t's hand!

We still feel guilty about putting him in the kitty jail at this point, but we are glad he will not be away from us during his first week on insulin (the staff at the kitty jail were willing to give the injections but we agree with our vet that it would be better to have him at home under close observation when he starts treatment, just to see how it goes).

Thanks for all your kind thoughts. Eric is upside down snoring in the middle of the kitchen floor but I am sure he appreciates them too!

No treats!!
Man that just stinks!!

I'm gonna keep purrin' for ya dood. I'm really glad that its somthin' that the v*t can help ya take care of.
Hi Eric,
Your blood sugars will go down quite a bit with a low carb diet change. I only eat Fancy Feast now (no gravy or wheat gluten, corn, veggies, etc). We have many people on the "Your Diabetic Cat" forum from the UK who have successfully cured their cats using their protocol. I don't take insulin anymore at all!! My last shot was 1 year ago!! I am happy and healthy now!! Dry food causes feline diabetes!! NO DRY FOOD FOR CATS - EVER!! - All the best - Ninja
We'll keep purrin' for you too, but we're glad it's somethin' the v-e-t can help with. Sorry to hear about the no treats, but only Stinky Goodness is great!!

Thank you for the purrs for Rocky's family.
Oh Fat Eric! Insulin does not sound like fun. Kitty jail doesn't sound like fun either. You'll be okay though. I have faith.
Our grammas kitty was diabetic for 10 years and lived to be 22! After Gramma started cooking fur him he din't need insulin anymore. This was afore dey had all the good natural food they haf now.
Hi Eric and MrsEricsMom - it's prolly a really good thing to not start the insulin while he is at the "spa". no need to stress him more. his glucose should go down with the higher protein / lower carb diet. Eric, we is really really sorry about the "no treats" rule. that really stinks. but it's for your health, so that's ok. Lots and lots of kitties haf to take insulin and still live long lives, and it's really good that you was diagnosed 'afore there was any kid-me damage too!
Poor Eric! No treats? That stinks. Sounds like, as kitty jails go, that one's ok. Bonnie didn't like hers at all, but since she don't like anyfing, that's not saying much.
Mom's furiend had to go home at lunch efurryday to "shoot the cat" - gif her diabetic kitty shots. I purrfur to get shot wif a camera! Purrs!
We're so sorry to hear that Eric is diabetic, but as others have said, at least it's something treatable which will have noticeable (good) results. My last cat Harriet needed a course of daily injections, not for diabetes, and I was taught to inject her using the diabetic needle which is one of the finest ones, and therefore not painful. I made a "quiet time" with her in her favourite place which happened to be our bed, and found it very easy to inject her when she was relaxed and calm - they will teach you, and although I was hugely nervous at first, it really worked well. As soon as I injected her, I put the syringe to one side and carried on with our "quiet time" talking and stroking her, and she really didn't notice that I had done it. I know you have a wonderful relationship with Eric, and feel sure you will be able to do this too ...
oh, eric, my brofur in fluff!! i so am glad that you can be mended wif a little time and care.

it's just too bad that your mum will be gone again an' you hafta go to the kitty jail, so i will teleport in (a good thing about teleported kitties is they don't take up much space), an' we can have a good ol' gab session, wif a little grooming an' perhaps a tussle or two.

rest well--don't stress--an' i'll see ya soon!
Eric, we are sad to hear you have diabetes, but it was very good that your Mum caught it so fast, she must be a very good Mum. The stinky goodness part sounds great, the insulin and no treats, not so much. I will purray for you.
Eric, my Mommie says that one of her cats-who-came before (named Slinky) was diabetic. This was a long time ago. My Mommie had to give Slinky insulin injections, and the needle was so tiny, Slinky never even felt it at all. After a while, Slinky lost a little weight, and did not need insulin for some time. She eventually had to go back on the insulin, but it was not too bad.
Hi Eric, we're sorry to hear yoo haf got diabetes but at least it is somefing that can be controlled to give yoo a normal life. The extra Stinky Goodness has to be a big consolation, bit of a bummer about the Temtayshuns though. Do yoo want us to pop up and see yoo while yer Beans are away? We'll bring Gourmet and Nip but no Temtayshuns.
i am glad they know what is wrong and can treat it.
Look at the bright side. You'll have more stinky goodness to fill up your fluffy belly. The shots will take some getting used to, I guess. But your Mum and Dad will be taking good care of you so no worries, yeah?
Oh Eric, they are going to poke you lots and lots!
Oh Eric, we are so glad they found out what was wrong and can treat it! We will purr and purray for,you. Have a good time at the kitty spa they are putting you in.
Your Fl furiends,
Oh Eric, good new and bad news.

Good news - More stinky goodness.

Bad news - getting insulin shots

Mum has a furiend with a kittie who has been getting insulin shots since he was little. And Miss Lynn who took care of me has a woofie who gets insulin.

I think it is interesting that your beans are going oh holiday to DERBY shire. I didn't know they were coming to visit me. I better warn mum to clean the house.
Hey... can I have Eric's treats? Seriously, we all hope that Eric's treatment goes well when it starts. Until then, I'm sure his prison guards will watch him closely. Enjoy your holiday, Eric's beans!

I'm so glad the vet is taking good care of you. Love the photo :)
Eric, we are sorry you have to get poked with a needle, but at least you'll get lots of stinky goodness. Maybe Catswell treats would work for you . They seem to be mostly dehydrated chicken. Maybe your vet would let you have them. We think they're yummy. Good luck with your new diet!
Eric, I am so sorry to hear that you have diabetes, but glad that your Mom and Dad caught it so quickly. It's a bummer about no treats and insulin shots, but an all Stinky Goodness diet sounds pretty good.
I just read about Eric's health problems... sorry to hear the bad news. You're wise to check out those websites. The more you know, the more you can do and the less you'll worry unnecessarily. Hopefully some weight loss will help Eric get off injections.
So sad to hear you have this Eric. But thank God it`s treatable!

oh poor Fat Eric. At least he will get more stinky goodness and that is a plus, but oh no needles *shudders* ~The Fluffy Tribe

I hope all goes well with Fat Erics insulin ~Jane
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