Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Wet and Woeful Wednesday

Guess what? It is raining. Again. My humans can't believe how rubbish the weather has been this August. My mum is still on holiday from school. She had to put on a thick sweatshirt and woolly socks today because the house felt so cold! Normally at this time of year she would be outside gardening in the sunshine in summer clothes while I bask in the sun - what is going on?

Anyway. I am not a happy cat. After being co-operative for the first three or four days, I have decided I do not like having injections and I am going to make them more difficult to do by moving around a lot when my mum is trying to stick a needle into me. I don't like it!

Also, we had a bit of an incident yesterday when my mum was grooming me and she found I had some mats in my floofy fur, so she snipped them out and she snipped a bit of MY SKIN too!!! There was actual blood! OK, I know it was an accident and she was very sorry afterwards, but really! I had to give her a very hard stare. The "wound" looks all right today but as I am going to the evil v-e-t again tomorrow we are going to get him to check it is healing up OK.

Injections - being wounded - getting rained on - I am NOT HAPPY!!! All right, I may have been cuddling and purring on my mum's lap this morning but that doesn't mean I have forgiven her for all this!

I bet the rain is her fault too.

Huh. I'm off to attack the laundry basket again. That'll teach her.

eric - this is just another example of cat abuse. Nevermind that your human loves you and feeds you and dotes on you - she obviously needs to be taught a firm lesson. Want the number for the rspca? I hear they have good accommodation there!

Well, things just aren't going your way right now, are they? I hope your Mom groveled and offered an apology for wounding you.
Oh,dear,Eric! You're going through a tough time right now. I say, shred that laundry basket to splinters!
Sometimes a cat's gotta do what a cat's gotta do.
Take care and chin up!
We totally understand the mats situation. Granted we have never been wounded, but I know those scissors mom uses are SHARP. And sometimes those mats are near my special parts. YIKES!

I'm so sorry you have a bad time with your injections. Good luck at the vet! Maybe you could put the toothy death on something there.

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
Oh dear, Eric. What a furry terrible time you've been having lately. :(

I was having a furry terrible time recently too. I had a really big surgery and the vet cut my whole tummy open! I wrote about my ordeal here and here.

I also had some 'fections, so now Jasmine squirts yucky tasting stuff in mouth several times a day! She calls it 'medicine', I call it 'yucky stuff'. This morning she said we're almost finished with the yucky stuff. I hope so!

Jasmine gives me stinky goodness and treats after my medicine, so at least I get something yummy to take away the taste of the yucky stuff.
Oh, Eric, that is just awful!!!
Don't make it easy on her, I say. Purring in her lap is a good way to show what a nice and good cat you are, and why all beans should treat you like the king of the house you are!
Hi Fat Eric!

Owr brofur who came befor, Jasper, was a diabetic (Sugarcat) too! Mom says there are some good webbysites for you and most impawtantly, she can leern to do the curve thingy herself. Depending on ware you live, there are some beans in Ingerland who mite even come to yore howse and teech her, so you don't haf to go to the evil V.E.T.!

Please visit this site and go to the message boards!

Also, make sure yore mom gives you a treet or somefing speshul after the shot, then you won't mind the shot so much!
Aw, poor Eric :( We's so sorry yoo's havin such a hard time. Is there anyfing we can do? We wish so!
Sanjee, Boni Maroni, Mini, Gree and Pepi
Eric, I hope the rain isn't your human's fault. My human will be very mad if it is. They are supposed to go to London on the first of September. I have tried to get them to visit you but the Human Male doesn't want to waste his precious time in London visiting cats (can you BELIEVE IT?!) Yet another insult.

I hope you start having better days all the way around.
Oh man, Fat Eric, that sucks. Get some good basket shredding in to vent some steam, and keep up the guilt-trip eyes on your Momma.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Eric, I am sad that you are having a bad time. You are a strong Mancat, so you should just be very brave during the injections and do not let them bother you. I hope your ouchie heals up, the sun comes out, and you have a happy day tomorrow!
Oh yeah, laying in their lap and purring after they've done something heinous (like shooting yoo, making it rain and wounding you) makes them feel even more guilty! We hope things get better for you.
Poor Eric. That sucks. I'm taking chemotherapy so I know all about getting stuck. Plus my mom shoves pills down my throat not once, but twice a day every stinking day. Sigh. The things we cats go through.

this is hard times, eric, friend.
take it easy, you'll be all right soon. or, at least, you'll get accustomed!
be brave!
many purrs and hugs
petu and blanche
What an awful time it is for you, buddy. We understand about the basket shredding because you have to get the aggression out somewhere!
So you think if Shaggy ate only canned stinky goodness and no dry kibble we might ward off the possibility that he could get diabetes?
Yikes! How horrible! Our kitty neighbor friend (another gorgeous fluffy ginger) had the EXACT SAME THING HAPPEN. His purrson tried to cut off matted fur and cut his skin. He had to have STITCHES!
It is raining a lot here in Ohio, but it is very very hot. They have even been cancelling school because it is so hot!
oh Eric, we is sorry that you is being so horribly tortured!! purrrrrrrssssss to you
Awwwww, sweetie! I hope the sun comes out tomorrow for you and that you and your Mommy figure out a way to make those injections easier!
Oh Eric we're sorry to hear yer mum is torchering yoo. Yoo must make her pay furr cutting holes in yoo. Kill the laundrey basket!!!!
We hope yer weather is getting better. We haf had three dry and sunny days in a row. On Monday we had the heaviest rain we haf efurr seen. Efun mum said she'd nefurr seen anything like it befurr.
Whaaaat? Yur mom hurted owr furrend? Gasp! Put da major bitey on dat basket.
Funny, we am getting some reely cold wevver for da season too. Geez Summer's not efun ofur yet. We feel ripped off from nice warm wevver. Tomorrow it's posed to warm up.
ACKKKK! A MONSTER Kitty just attacked Beau Beau frew da door! Be right back.
Oh Eric, the things you have to put up with! I would give that laundry basket some good bunnykicks, that will teach everyone!
Poor Eric - the sun is out today though (Saturday). Purrs FAZ
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