Tuesday, September 11, 2007


The Most Famous Cat In Britain

No, it's not me.

Or my friends Eric and Flynn, or Princess Pearl, or Pandora and Charlie, or any of my other fellow-Brits in the Cat Blogosphere. We are all quite famous but none of us are followed around by crowds of press photographers like the cat I saw on the TV news tonight - thank goodness!

This is Sybil, who is now the most famous cat in Britain.She is famous because she has just moved into 10 Downing Street in London, to help out the Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer when serious political situations arise which only a highly trained kitty can solve.

Here is Sybil's official introduction on the British Government website.

And here you can read another article about her and see a video of Sybil in action.

Good luck with your official duties, Sybil - the cats of Britain are right behind you!

Hooray! I am so glad a cat is back at 10 Downing Street. Sybil is very striking with the white stripes down her front legs. I still think you are more famous than Sybil though.
Sybil is beautiful! Every house should have a cat! We had a cat in the White House here in the USA. Socks who looked a lot like Sybil. Here is a link to a picture of him:

Laila and Lilly
We think Sybil should have her own blog.

Eric, we hope you are feeling better and getting used to the needles.
Hi Eric, feeling better? Are the shots getting any easier? We hope you're doing well. It's good there is a cat at 10 Downing, cat's calm beans and we all need our leaders to be calm.
Way cool, Eric! Sanjee's dancing all around excited cuz Sybil's a tuxie too. hehehe
your bud Pepi
I heard about Sybil. She is a cute kitty.
I think she will have way too much weight on her small shoulders in her new position. All I can say is I'm glad it's not me!

I wanted to explain about the flamingos going extinct. The company that made zillions of the kitchy birds beginning in the 1950s stopped making them. The genuine flamingos are all signed with the designer's name. So while there may be imposters out there, my buds are the real thing.
That is good news. Sybil can help them keep your country and its leaders in balance. Always calm in a crisis.
Go Sybil!

Thanks for this furry impawtent news report!
How great is that! A cat at 10 Downing Street! Very cool! She is very pretty! I am partial to Tuxies! (Sam) Hope you are doing better, Eric!
Your FL furiends,
Hmph. My humans didn't even both go to meet here while they were there!
Very cool! :) Sybil is lovely. I am glad there is a cat at 10 Downing Street again.
How wonderful that there is a kitty living at 10 Downing Street! Sybil looks ready for the role!
Excellent news! Cats deserve more representation in government. I am confident Sybil will serve with distinction.
Good for Sybil. We're glad there's a cat back in Downing Street.
She might be the most famous cat in Britain, but we bet she hasn't got a blog!!
Sybil has a very important job. How exciting. What a lovely lady!
Hello, Fat Eric! We hope you're feeling better and that the weather has improved.
Thank you for telling us about Sybil. We were fans of Humphrey and we're glad there's a cat running things in Britain again. She looks very competent and bossy, as well as a bit pudgy.
Good luck to Sybil!
Hey, we saw her in the newspaper today! Those are very unique stripes down her legs aren't they?
Please be feeling better Eric.
Sybil is furry distinctive looking and beautiful!
I didn't know Humphrey has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. He was such a character then, the King of 10 Downing Street, moving around wherever he wants.
Thanks for this very important news, Eric! Good to know there's cats in high places...
Hi Sybil!

Wow another tuxie in office! WE loves it.

Abby ... and good luck in your official duties.
There should be at least one cat in every government residence.

In Canada our Prime Minister and his family foster cats and have cats of their own too, so there is always lots of cats around Canada's official residence : )
Hi Eric, if it makes you happy about a cat being at 10 Downing Street, then we are happy for you. But Lucky & I think you are certainly funnier.

We just wanted to let you know that if yur Mum comes up missing, she might be in owr front garden. Momma wuz owt planting Mum's tonight, and the only ones we know of are yours, Eric & Flynn's, and Derby's. Sorry....
~Meeko & Kiara
I am glad that there is a cat at 10 Downing Street again. She is beautiful.
Oh Sybil is beautiful tuxie.
Sybil is an amazing and beautiful kitty :)
Ernest and I were quite pleased to see a cat back at 10 Downing Street. I was very upset when Humphrey had to leave.
Hee hee dat's funny dat yur ferst line was "No, it's not me" cuz dat's da ferst fing we thought! It had to be yoo. But no, we see dat there is anofur cat who is famous. Well, as far as we are concerned, yoo are da most famous cat we know in Britain along wif yur furiends Eric and Flynn and Pandora and Charlie. An don't furget owr furiend Nola, da newly arrived Meriky cat in London.
The cats of the USA are behind you too, Sybil!
No home is complete without a cat, not even if it's No. 10 Downing Street!
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