Sunday, October 07, 2007


Another Easy Sunday

My dad and I have been fighting a territory war over this spot on the sofa recently. So far I am winning.

Do you like my mum's Yellow Submarine cushion?

P.S. Notice that my silly humans bought a dark-blue sofa and then had to cover it in a cream throw in an attempt to minimise the effect of floofy Eric hair on it!)

Well that is just perfect!
We took a photo just yesterday of four of us cats on our sofa (which looks just like yours now with the cream covers on)and told Mosaic Lady to post it on Wordless Wednesday, titled: Where do the humans sit? Or maybe Seating is Limited?
You look very comfy on your sofa. Now that your diabetes is under control, I bet your furs will get a lot nicer and shinier and will shed a lot less too! That's what happened to me.

That's a purrfect spot! And humans are so silly. My mom and dad bought red couches and we love to hair them up.

-Jasper McKitten-Cat

PS the yellow submarine pillow is very cute!
It looks like someone may try and move you soon. You have that annoyed look of knowing that someone will remove you from your perch...
LOL! You're right Eric, humans are very silly. I know one who laid dark blue carpet in a house belonging to an Eric coloured cat. She (OK, I) threatened to give the cat a blue rinse so the hairs wouldn't show.
Claim your spot on the sofa, Eric. I like your Mom's Yellow Submarine pillow very much.
You better straighten yourself out. You look like you are going to fall off of that sofa. Don't lose the sofa war!
Hi Eric, we're coming by to introduce ourselves... Maggy and Zoey, of Zoolatry. We like your Mum's yellow submarine; you can email us at and we'll send you a special picture!
P.S. we don't think you're FAT... you're just really-floofy like we are and floofy is best!!!
Wowie, Eric, you are a magniffisent ginger-floofy-big boy Mancat! You and Brainball have a lot in common, hehehehe!

Brainball's gonna send you an email from his akkount to join the Gorgus Gingers here in just a little bit! He thankies you fur the invitashun!

Brainball's doin' much bettur today -- me and him will have an uppiedate fur our Mancat Monday post!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Nice pillow! I think your humans need to embrace the fact your floofy hair is going to be on the sofa no matter what they do ;-)
My mom read an article once about how to "minimize the appearance of pet hair in the household." It said to decorate in colors similar to your pets so the hair doesn't show. The only problem is my Mom has me (black cat), my two sisters (a tortie and white and dilute tortie and white), our dog brother (ginger colored terrier), and two budgies (one blue, one opaline). She said unless she decorated in '60's psychedalia, someone's fur or feathers were bound to show up!
Way to take over the sofa. Your dad can find a different place to sit.

Mum started singing when she saw the pillow. Silly girl.

Mum now wears more tan instead of blue or black trousers. Just so she doesn't have to clean off the furs when she goes to work.
Oh Wow, the shooting made your news! I see that it is even on the main BBC website news page. On Sunday mum does not have the TV on until the sports comes on in the PM. So we didn't know until just about an hour ago about this.

The town where it happened is over 200 miles from where I live, in the far northern part of Wisconsin. I am just outside of Milwaukee.
Hehe. Our mum wuz like Derby's mum and started singing about a Yellow Submarine too.We are glad yoo are winning sofa wars. All poodins should have furrst choice of the best nap spots.
We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine...Woohoo, way to take over the couch! Mom hasta sit in da kitchen most nites cuz the three of us stretch out on da sofa.
The beans always forget about us cats when they"decorate". Then they have to re-decorate with sheets.Hahahahaha! Silly beans
"We all live in a yellow submarine..." Mom stop singing,yer off key!!
I love the look you lazy on there. It looks comfy~!
Hi floofy! We have a yellow submarine mobile on our deck!
Love the Yellow Submarine. Did your mom make it? Also, great taking over the best part of the couch. Your floofy fur is just gorgeous!
ha ha stupid humans buying a blue sofa and then having to cover it up! ha ha my humans would do something like that! ha ha ha ha
Very cute photo and love the
pillow :)
Hi FE the river you could see is the Tavy. The Tamar is in the next valley over. If you look at the skyline by my tail, you will see a slightly bigger hill. That is Kit Hill.
Mom loves the yellow submarine pillow. We have a red sofa, a black pug and a fawn pug. Mom says people visit her, not her furniture. If they don't like the dog hair, tough, Lucky and I aren't leaving.
Glad to see you're winning, though. Keep up the good work.

We don't think we've ever seen a more comfortable cat. Winning the couch territory war is important to establish your dominance. Keep up the good work.

Midnite & Stray Kitty
Humans aren't the brightest bulbs in the pack, are they? All of our furniture has covers on it also. We're glad that you are winning the sofa wars.

Luf, Us
You sure know how to go into full relaxation mode, and you do it very, very well.
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