Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Bad Day

My mum had a bad day today. I can't tell you the details but let's just say an emergency situation happened while she was on a museum visit with her class, which led to the visit being cut short and a lot of stress for everyone involved, especially my mum. Although her headteacher took her out for a drink afterwards and said that she did exactly the right thing in the emergency situation, it was still one of the worst experiences she has had in 15 years of teaching and she was pretty shaken up. I could sense she was upset when she got home so I have been doing a lot of snuggling and purring on her to make her feel better. She says there is nothing like cuddling a floofy cat to make her feel less stressed. Now she just has to survive tomorrow and then school is closed for a long weekend on Friday (because it is Eid) so we will be able to have a rest together. Please send purrs, it was a really bad day!

Oh no, we're so sorry your mum had such a bad day!! We're sendin' lotsa purrs, and we can teleport over to help with the snugglin' (even though we're not floofy, we're good cuddlers)!!
yikes! we're sure gonna send lots and lots of purrrrrs. even the kittens are gonna purr, and they're pretty loud. if you want, we could all teleport over for some cuddles too, even Grr.
Oh no... bad days. We do not like them.

We hope tomorrow is loads better!
Purrrs to your Mom! No more bad days!
Tomorrow will be lots better. (((((hugs)))))
Your FL furiends,
Oh, your poor Momma. My momma says teachin' is really stressful to begin with, and she doesn't even have to do field trips, at least. I hope your momma feels better after your snuggling. And maybe another drink.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Oh, dear your poor Mum!
We recommend a nice big cuppa with some whiskey in it.
Take care of her and we send healing purrs and cuddles your way!

Mum has been to that place. She hopes that everyone is OK and that the kids didn't break anything!

Agree a big cup of tea, maybe with something stronger in it.

Maybe the 'bad' class will learn from this!
I am so sorry that your Mom had such a bad day. I am sending her lots of warm hugs. I hope things go much better tomorrow.
Oh no, it's ruff when da mom's haf bad days. We'z sending a purr and a headbutt fur her. Snuggle her really good Eric...
We don't purr but we are telling the Kitty-Cats in the house to send lots and lots of purrrs to your Mom.

We hope she is doing better.

~ Bob and Patrick
We hope your mum recovers soon--with your help, we're sure she will. Maybe she needs to teach cats instead of kids? We're a much better lot.
Oh Eric, buddy, I'm sorry your mom had a bad day. Give her lots of floofy mancat cuddles. They will make her feel better. The Ballicai and I are sending her purrs and headbonks!

Rumbly purrs from Brainball.
Oh Eric, my mom knows just how your mom feels. She has had such a hard week with the itching and the no sleeping and the year end inventory. Maybe your mom and my mom ought to teleport somewhere nice and warm and sunny with a bottle of rum and pineapple juice (except mom is such a lightweight that one sip and she'll be toasted, hee hee)
We all hope her day goes by quickly and smoothly tomorrow so that the weekend comes even quicker for her.

Roxy & Lucky
oh dear, we is sending lots and lots of purrrrss to your mom!!! poor mommy!
I'm so sorry your mommy had such a rough day. I'm sure she did everything exactly right and did everything she could. big hugs and purrs to her and we hope tomorrow goes smoothly. good job giving her extra big snuggles eric.
Oh My, I hope that she is okay. I'm glad it is a long weekend for her, cause I think that she is going to need it.
Purrs and headbutts to your Momma. I hope you get lots of scritches to keep you purring loudly for her Eric!
oh we hopes yer Mum is feeling betters and has a better day tomorrow. Bad days stink. Give her lots and lots of Fat Eric snuggles ~The Fluffy Tribe
Purrrrrs for your Mom.
We're sending tons of purrs to your Mum. Glad she has Friday off to help her recuperate! Stress sucks.

Luf, Us
We Mancats can be depended on to do tough jobs. I'm sure you Mom appreciated your helping her calm down.
I'm sorry your Mom had a bad day, but I'm glad you were able to make her feel better.
oh dear..I dont know what happened but I DO know how much of a handful human children can be! I sympathise with your human, completely.
We hope she is feeling more relaxed soon and that your magic floof helps.
Sorry you mum had a bad day. We hope she can take some more time to snuggle and cuddle with you - that's good medicine.

Midnite & Stray Kitty
We're very sorry that your Mum had such a bad day. After snuggling with you Eric, she was probably in a much better frame of mind to face today. We hope it went better and that you all have a relaxing, stressfree weekend.

Oh No! We're purring lots for her! I hope she felt better after cuddling your floofiness for a good long time!

I came over to make sure you got a special invitation to the party to be one of our guests of honour! I hope you can still pop by at least for a little while, but I don't want to take you away from your Mum if she needs you!

Hope we see you here!

Oh Eric, your mom is 100% right...there is nothing better than cuddling a floofy cat to relieve stress and heal the heart. That is why Mosaic Lady is lucky to have ME (and she really really misses Walter for this very reason!)
We hope it's better today for all of you.
We're sorry your mum had such a bad day. We know she wuz worrying about what her "difficult " class wuz going to do.We're sending her purrrrs and (((hugs)))
pee-ess Fanks furr inviting us to visit you, we'll be up when she's on her half term to get some scritches.
Hi Eric. My mom says thanks for the nice note. I am glad that your mom has the support of the administration and the other teachers. Tell her to relax all weekend, my black belt mom is ordering her to do so! hee hee.
Take care. Mom's gotta write her blog and then go to bed!

Yay for the school for taking action on your mum's incident. So many US schools wouldn't not have done anything!
Oh Eric...I just found out about your dear Mums very bad day! here is a {{{{{{{BIG PURRRRRY HUG}}}}}}} for her. Being a teacher is a hats off to her kind of a job in my book. Give her sandpaper kisses for me too OK?
Love Miss Peach
Eric, we just found out about your Mum's very bad day and we immediately started sending nice calming purrs over to her. We just hope that she can have a relaxing weekend cuddling her floofy cat, you!

Purrrrrrrs, China Cat & Willow
Oh dear! Purrs for your Mum to get wid of her stwess! Hope she's feewing better!
Hi Eric,
Sorry to hear about the Bad Day. I hope your mum is feeling better.
Teaching little beans is a very tough job so you have a big job looking after her.
Thanks for the award!

Ramona and Harper
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