Saturday, October 13, 2007


Evil Intruder Kitty

My mum and I would like to thank all our friends for sending purrs and good wishes after the Bad Day my mum had. She is feeling better and we are enjoying a long weekend together. Yesterday (Friday) my mum had a day off work and she was surprised when I showed her how much action goes on in our back garden when she is not here in the daytime. Birds twittering all day, squirrels bouncing about, frogs croaking in the's a wonder I manage to get my naps in with all the noise from the garden.

We also have a new Intruder Kitty who has recently started hanging out in our garden. He has just come to live with one of our neighbours. Now, although he is ginger like me, I resent the fact that he is making himself at home in our garden. Just the other day he stuck his head in the open patio doors and tried to come in the house! And here he is sitting in one of MY favourite spots. What a nerve.
I am going to nag my mum this weekend to update the Gorgeous Gingers site because some of my friends are waiting to have their pictures added. I will make sure it gets done. But first I must go to Jack's party!

Intwuder! But maybe you can make fwiends with him?
Dear Eric, if yo need someone to run that evil intruder kitty off, you just let me know and I will teleport right over and take care of it.


glad your mum is relaxing.
intruder alert!! maybe he is lonely cause his beans don't go out with him and he is out there all alone. maybe you two can be long as he doesn't try to share your food...or your mommy
Maybe he just likes you Eric and wants to be furr-ends. FAZ

p.s. I am glad your human survived her stressful experience.
Hi Eric - I just saw you at Jack's party, but I'm teleporting back & forth!

GO AWAY, Evil Intruder Kitty!

See you back @ Jack's party in just a sec,
We are furry glad to hear that your Momma is beginning to feel better. I'm sure your purrs did a lot to help Eric!

I will await hearing how you have rid yourself of the most recent intruder!
First, purrs for English Daisy and continuing purrs to your mum. Are you allowed to share what went wrong?

Now, hiss and hiss again, at the intruder kittie. That is Fat Eric's garden, go find your own.
I am glad that your Mum is recovering from her Very Bad Day.

Thank you for all the loud, floofy purrs. They seem to be working. My sister-in-law is improving and may be discharged and be able to come home on Tuesday.
Yeah, maybe he (or she?) would like to be frends. We just heard yoor news about English Daisy...we are sending purrs and purrayers fur her. We hope dat she knows how much everyone loves her...
He's pretty. But he should stay in his own yard!
Eric I think the intruder kitty wants to be friends with you. It sees how happy you are and wants some of the love too.
Have a wonderful autumn day and hug your miss Peach
i jus herd abowt yer mom'z verree bad day!
mi mom izza teecher ... anna third grade class went to da telephone myoozeum las week. dey were asked to leeve da myoozeum an da teecher sed dat never, ever happened to her before.
wut'z goin on?!
Good thing yer Mom has a long weekend and you by her side.
Maybe you can have a word with yer new neighbour cat & work something out.
Purrs to yer Mom
Just dropping back to say I am so sorry to hear about your friend English Daisy.I hope she has some quality time with her beans now.
We also have an intruder kitty at our house and he's a ginger too! We want him to go away but our silly Mommy keeps feeding him our crunchies! Maybe we can shanghai the intruders away!
Give our regards to English Daisy & her people. Our guinea pigs say "hi" to theirs too.
That kitty has a lot of nerve coming onto your turf, but mom says he's a cutie. She just doesn't get it. It's a territory thing.
I am glad that your momma is feeling better.
I am glad your Mommy is feeling better, that intruder is kinda cute!
Sorry your Mom had such a bad day. We know that a long weekend with you is just what she needs to feel better.

Hope you guys get a chance to relax and keep an eye out on that intruder. You don't that cat too close to your house!

Opus and Roscoe
We hope that you and your mum have a nice relaxing weekend and that the intruder doesn't bother you too much. Actually, we think that the intruder is kind of cute!

Purrrrrs, China Cat & Willow
I have given your blog an "I love it" award. Stop by my blog and pick it up.
oh but the eveil intruder is a cutie.
An intruder you must stand your ground and run him off.
Oh my! Your evil intruder kitty looks just like our evil intruder kitty, Orinch!!!

Luf, Us
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