Friday, October 26, 2007


It's My Purrthday!

Yay! It is my Gotcha Day (4 years since I came to live here) and also my official 12th Purrthday. Do you think I qualify as a Geezer Kitty now that I am 12? I woke up my humans extra-early so that we could start celebrating. So far I have had the following purrthday presents:

From my mum:
- Two tins of Gourmet Tuna Flakes with Shrimp in Jelly
- One tub of Temptations (chicken and cheese flavour)
- One mousie with a string that your human pulls out and the mousie scoots across the floor wibbling

From my dad:
- One yellow ball to play with (he says it is a "stress ball" but I am not stressed)
- One tin of tuna steak in springwater

From English Daisy's mum and dad (they visited me yesterday):
- One new feather toy
- Some catnip teabags which my mum is going to put inside some of my old catnip toys to refresh them.

And here's one of the special purrthday pictures Zoolatry created for me:
I am having a great purrthday so far, and I am looking forward to my party tonight! I will be putting the party post up later with the Chatzy link because my party does not start until 10pm London time (5pm eastern Mericky time). See you later!

Oh we can hardly wait for the party! Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy 12th Purrthday Eric! And many, many, mooooore!!
Your FL furiends,
Happy Purrfday Eric!

I also have to have an official purrfday(like HM the QUEEN) cos my humans don't know when the "real" one is - but who cares when you're getting all that luverly grub to eat and toys to pay with! Enjoy... (but try not to put on any more weight!)

Love from TINKER (in Bristol)
Happy purrday to yoo
Happy purrday to yoo
Happy PURRday dear Eric
Happy purrday to yoooooooo
Many meows for a luvly day
A Very Happy Purrthday to you Eric, may you have many, many more :) xx
Hippy, hoppy, huppy birthday to you! From Pyewacket, who is howling loudly cause a boy won't let her in the bathroom with him.
We at the Bureau offer our very best wishes to you. :)
Happy Purrday, Fat Eric. Lucky and I will be over after we eat (you can never have too much food if you are a dog.)

Roxy & Lucky
Happy 12th purrthday Eric. We hope you have many more. Purrs...
Purrthday, smurthday... just let 'em eat cake... YOU eat the cake, not them... all for you, only you, just you, cute you, not at all fat you... 12 times wonderful you. ENJOY!
Fat Eric

WE are furry sorry we won't be able to attend your party "in cat" but we will be there in spirit. We wish you a wonderful spirited fun party and a great a tunacake for us!

Abby, Boo, Ping, Jinx and Gracie
Happy Berfday to the King of the Gorgeous Gingers!
Happy Happy Purrthday Fat Eric! Those are some great presents that you have gotten! And 12 does not mean you are a geezer kitty it only means that you are now old enough to get even more respect and pampering from your humans! I don't know if we will be at the party in person (Mommy thinks going out with friends tonight is more important that helping us blog!)but now that we are with you in spirit! Have a great party!!
Happy Purrthday, Fat Eric! May your day be filled with family, friends, fun, and fish.
Happy Birthday Eric!!
we are looking forward to your party and hope we can come and stay very long to see you and all of our furriends!
we are bringing some catnip treats and tooona jooose!
Purrrs, Kashim & Othello
Happy, happy birthday to the most gorgeous of Gorgeous Gingers!
Many more and we'll see you later, Eric!
Happy Purrthday Eric and a squillion more!
Happy Purrfday Big Guy! I'll be there at the party!
Happy Birthday!! Celebrating is a great way to enjoy life, enjoy your day!!

Happy Purrthday!!!!!
Speaking as a 14 year old, you are NOT a geezer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We may be "older" but we can party with the rest of the young whipper snappers!!!!
Happy Purrthday and Gotcha Day!! It sounds like you're havin' a great day!!

(Mom said we could teleport over for your party, but we won't have internet access tonight, so we'll have to celebrate quietly.)
Happy Happy 12th Purrfday and Happy Happy 4th Gotcha Day!!! You've gotten some fantastical prezzies!!! Way to go!

We don't think you're a Geezer. You've got a long way to go before you're a Geezer!

Luf, Us
nope, not a geezer Eric!!

Happy Purrfday to you
Happy Purrfday to you
Happy Purrfday dear Eric
Happy Purrfday to you!!
happy puufday!!!
Happy Birthday, Fat Eric!

We ♥ You!!!

♥ from
Purrchance To Dream
(Daphne & Chloe & Jazper & Isis & Spooker and Not The Mama, too!)
Happy birthday to you!!!! Happy happy happy birthday!!!!
Can't wait till the party starts....
Happy Birthday floofy friend. That is an awesome picture Zoolstry created for you!! Dreaming of sweets, just perfect!
Nice presents you got and we hope more spoiling is on the way!
Happy, happy birthday Eric! It sounds like you got some wonderful presents.
Happy Birthday and Gotcha Days, Eric! Your Mum and Dad got you great presents!

Don't party too wildly at your party later ;-)
Happy Birthday AND Gotcha Day Eric! You sure got some nice presents. I hope you have the best day ever. I will try to drop by your party later.
Happy Purrfday Fat Eric and happy Gotcha day too. We won't be able to join you on Chatsy unless Chey brings us, but we wanted to make sure yoo knew we hadn't forgotten you.
Happy birthday dude - have a great party. I will drop by and play for a while.

Poppy q
Happy Birthday Eric,

we all wanted to come to your party, but momee iz goin' away fur two we cannot write wit our pawz. But we can still teleport ver da pond & see what's goin' on. I will sing da Beatlez tune: "Dey say itz your birthday!!!!"
Happy Purrthday! We're gonna try to stop in at the party while the Lady is at work. Here we come!
Happy Purrthday, Eric! You are such a handsum and wunnerful mancat, and I hope you have a furry wunnerful day!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Happy Purrrrthday Eric! I am sure I have missed the party but I hope it was a great one. SS has a poor sense of international timing.
Happy birthday Eric. I thought the party was today and looks like I am a day late. Oh I am so sad. I still want to wish you a Happy Birthday. I hope you are not mad at me and will still come over to my party. I will save you a special mouse treat to eat.
Happy belated birthday, Eric! I'm sorry I missed the party but it seems like you had a grand time!
Wow Eric, you are as old we are! Happy birthday old cat! Have a wonderful day and we hope all of your purthday wishes come true!

Buon compleanno!
Opus and Roscoe
Hi Eric,

I am so sorry I missed your birthday.
It sounds like you had a great time.
Happy Belated Birthday :)
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