Sunday, October 21, 2007


Party Invitation!

I'm having a party! I am very excited as I have never been allowed to hold a party before.

Friday, 26th October will be my Gotcha Day and my official 12th Purrthday. It will be exactly 4 years since I arrived at my forever home, and, as we do not know my real purrthday, it is my official purrthday too.

The party will be held on Chatzy and I will be putting up a post with the Chatzy link when the party starts.

The party will start at 10pm British Summer Time, which I think is about 5pm on the east coast of Mericky and a bit earlier in the rest of Mericky. I know it is a long way to London for my Mericky friends but I hope lots of you will be able to make it!

Now, I must go and make some lists so my mum knows what to get for the party...

heck yeah we'll be there (we being me and Bendrix, he loves a good party!) we wouldn't miss it.
Another party? I would love to come - just hope SS doesn't sleep right through this one as well. Being in the southern hemisphere is one big social handicap because of the time difference.
The parties we have been having!! Woohoo!!!!! Count me in!!!!!
No place is too far for a party!!
I can't wait for the party!
Mom's going to be in Hawaii, so I don't think we can make it, but Happy Purthday!!!

Tara and Kavan
My secretary will probably still be in a special class but I will do my best to get online without her. If I don't make--Happy Birthday Eric!!!!
Yay! We will be there Eric! It sounds like loads of fun. We have never been to England!! Way cool!
Your FL furiends,
We'll be there! woohoo, our first trip out of da country...
O, Eric, we will be at your wonderful party. We've never been to England, either, but can't wait.
Purrs, Missy Blue Eyes & KC
We hearded from our furriend Sue her sweet cat Daisy that your MOmma is gonna bisit wif them.

I hope Momma lets us come to your party. But if not, Happy Gotcha Day.

P-A-R-T-Y on Dude! Woo hoo!!
Party! Party! Party! I can hardly wait to help celebrate your Gotcha Day and 12th birthday! I am counting the days...
Eric!! This is fabulous!!!Now we can see Scratchy Mouse, and your favorite yellow chair!!!! You can show us the garden and introduce to all those interesting British foods like kippers. (Those are fishy things right?) Maybe you can have a floofy cat contest and for sure Shaggy & you can compare bellies!!!
It sounds like a really fun party. I will be working until way late, but I'll see if I can at least drop in and leave a message.
Opus and I can come early to help you set up, if you want! Do you want us to bring some pizza from Italy?

Can't wait!
oh goodie goodie! I wouldn't miss it for anything!
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Eric, we are taking the first boat Friday morning. Partying YEAH!!!

Ruis and gang from Holland.:)
Eric happy purrthday dude. I will bring some New Zealand salmon with me for dinner.
Happy 4th Gotcha Day/12th Purrthday, Sir Eric! Good on ya, mate!
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