Saturday, October 27, 2007


Sleepy Saturday

I am having a lazy day today with lots of naps because I am tired after my party last night. I had a great time and I am glad that so many of my friends were able to join me. I would like to thank everyone for coming. My mum is clearing up the house and I think I will have another little nap...zzzzzz...

Dude, yoor party was awesome. We had such a good time, thank you for inviting us.
Glad you had fun at yer party.I think you deserve to nap all weekend if you want ;)
Apart from cuddling the Giant Scratchy Mouse, that's what Toby's been doing all day...
Looks like you are all worn out after you big party. Sounds like you all had a blast.
Belated birthday greetings Eric!
What a terrific birthday and we are so happy to know you.
12 is a wonderful age!
Thanks for the party. Sorry I got there so late. Enjoy your snoozeeee and come over to Sassy's when you are up to another party.
That sure was a great party, Fat Eric! We're sure glad we got to attend even toward the end. We dint know youe were in a far-away place like "Eglund". Wow.

An we are glad we learned how to do it too. Just in time...

Skeeter and LC
Happy 12th Birthday Eric, sorry we missed your party.
Oh no! I missed the party! =(
But Happy bewated Purrthday and Gotcha Day!
Wow, do you look comfortable or what??? Enjoy ...
I think that's called a hangover Eric. FAZ
I'm glad Scratchy Mouse is there to support you! :D
I sure am glad Scratchy Mouse is still in good shape after you let us all play with him at the party! You are a good host.
You throw a great party, Fat Eric! I like English food.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
That was a great party! I think a nap is the perfect idea. You look all tuckered out.

Great nparty Eric and Happy Birth-Gotcha Day! Scratchy Mouse rocks!
Wow that must have been some party :-0 You look totally wiped out!

I'm sorry I missed the party :-(
You are never going to believe what my parents did to us this weekend -- they went out of town and turned the computer off and we couldn't even leave you a happy birthday comment and our catsitter wouldn't let us leave to come to the party. UGH! So, soo, soooo sorry!!

I hope you had a great birthday. You look completely tuckered out with your Ikea mousie.

Rest up Eric. I only managed to drop in for a few minutes after you had gone to bed. I just gave you a little lick and a purr. Didn't want to wake you up.
I missed it too, I came in late and you were already snoozing. It sounds as if you had a wonderful time!!!
Eric, I'm catching up on my sleep too. Man, all these parties are hard on us old geezers!

Eric, even your scratchy kitty looks tired!
It was a GREAT Paw-tay! Thankies so much fur inviting us! Me and Brainball hadded such a great time. and I don't blame you fur bein tuckered out aftur a bash like that! I hope you have a great nap, buddy.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
I can see that you have had a busy couple of days. I wanted to thank you for finding the time to travel over to my party. I hope you had a good time. It was so good to meet you. I hope you got home OK. Keep in touch.
Ya look furry comfy.
You look like you need 400 winks Mr Eric.

Has a nice rest.
Dat wuz a great party Eric! We had lots of fun. Yoo still sleepin?
Sorry we missed your party - looks like you had a heck of a time! Happy belated birthday!
awwww Fat Eric you are so fluffy Mom says she wants to snuffle yer tummy ~the FLuffy Tribe
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