Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Toes on Tuesday

I like the toesies, Eric. My mom does too. Lucky especially thought they were cute. You look like you are having a nice nap. Enjoy.

Look how sparkly clean those toes are! Did you have a bath just before your photo session?
Awww Eric you have lovely pink pads and you look so peaceful napping there.
You asked if we had to fight with our Beans to get on the vishus deer bed. No the furr bed is ours. They brought it back furrom Norway speshully furr us. They got themselves a calendar!
Those are very cute toes, Eric! My OTW saw them and went 'awwwwww'. Watch out for her, she's a toe-smoocher!!!!

We're glad your diabetes is in remission.


PS.Thank you for coming by and leaving us a nice message when Grumpybutt went to the Bridge
Doze is furry nice pinkie toezez. I aprove of dese furry much.
I tagged you for a meme. Come and play if you want too.
Eric, you have such lovely toes! My Momma wants to spread them out a bit and rub them. Do you like toe rubs? I don't usually but sometimes Chey does.
nice tosies Eric!!!
Watch out for our mom she's coming to kiss yoor tozies!
You look so peaceful there Eric. Rest well.

Mum isn't sure about the quote about cats, October and London. Maybe the cats left town as the mice and rats went to the country during harvest.
Are you saying a little thank-you prayer? Those are wonderful toesies!
Eric, your toes are a very pretty shade of pink. I hope you are having a good nap.
Looks like you are enjoying a great nap!
I love those toes with their pink pads. Have a great nap.
Awwwwww, very cute toesies.

Why is it dat we always want to kiss yur sweet face?
My what big paws you have!! :)

-Jasper McKitten-Cat's mom
we are very happy to know that you are better and better.

purrs and hugs

petu, blanche and ines
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