Friday, October 05, 2007


We Are Worried

We saw a worrying article in tonight's evening paper (The London Evening Standard in case you are interested). Just a few miles from our house, lots of workmen are working on the site where the 2012 London Olympic Games are going to be held. Apparently there are lots of feral cats living on the building site and cat rescuers have been going there trying to rescue as many as they can, but it looks like they are running out of time...

You can read the story and see pictures of the cats here - I hope those kitties are all saved OK, keep your paws crossed for them!

I am hoping and praying that all the cats are rescued. Hopefully, any left in the area will run like mad from the engine noise. I'm very happy for the 147 that were rescued. I hope they can all find forever homes.
Oh my there are lots of cats in London in October. I hope they let them back to catch more of the kitties.
We heard about these kitties! I really hope they can be saved and all find homes.

oh no that is dreadful...I hope the cats find forever homes soon..I hope they run away form the noise..why can't they let the people back in to get more cats out?
Those poor kitties! I hope they can all be rescued and that they find Forever Homes.
Oh we'll purr and purray lots that the kitties get saved and find forever homes.
Sanjee, Boni, Mini, Gree and Pepi
I hope they can take care of all of those feral kitties and make sure they have a home colony. You English are really good at colonizing, right? (Momma told me to write that--she said it's a joke. I don't get it.) If there are kitties living in the Coliseum, I don't see why there can't be kitties in the Olympic Park.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
We'll be purring and purraying dat all da kitties can be rescued and find good homes. Mom and dad are beginning to think the Olympics, both summer and winter, should be given a permanent home...then the construction disruption would be once and the beans in da area would know what to expect effury time da lympics come to town.
I am hoping that the public outcry is such that they stop what they are doing and let the rescuers catch the kitties. Humans can be very inhumane.
I agree with efurryone...we finks humans can be furry inhumane sometimes....

Oh NO! I hope they can catch them all and they all get nice forever homes. I will be purraying for them.
Poor kitties.I wish all beans were like our beans! I want everycat to have a home.
Wow, what a story. I hope they are allowed a little more time to save the cats. It's amazing they've so many already. Thanks for bring up this story.

Oh no we hope those poor kitties that are still there can be caught and found good furrefurr homes.
Eric we don't want yoo feeling left out so we haf tagged yoo as well furr the screenshot meme.
We read about that somewhere. That is so horrible. Thank you for sharing so much about that!
Oh my goodness. I hope all those kitties get rescued and find good forever homes. That is terrible.

Oh No! This could turn out horribly. I really hope that they can get all the kitties out of there. You know how impatient beans can be sometimes.
Oh my goodness, those precious kitties! I will be purring and purring that they find wonderful forever homes.

I'm so happy that you liked Mom's story! Thank you so much for reading it *smile*.

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!
Oh, they're so sweet - they don't even look feral!

My paws are crossed,
Send them to Italy! We'll take care of them! Poor little fellas! Hope it all works out in the end.

Opus and Roscoe
ps: thanks for coming to our birthday party!
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