Saturday, November 17, 2007


Busy Saturday Night

Well, my mum went back to work on Friday (even though my dad and I thought she shouldn't) and it turned out she only had 14 children in her class that day because all the rest were ill, and then another one threw up on the carpet and had to be sent home, so in the afternoon she only had 13 children and she said it was quite peaceful really and she didn't need much of a voice to shout at anyone.

Today it has again been cold and drizzly and grey, so tonight my humans and I stayed in where it was cosy and ordered Chinese take-away (which I was not allowed to eat even though I begged really really hard). First I helped my mum dish up the take-away and then I monitored my humans eating it. Then I went to sit down on my sofa but my dad was sitting in my space, so I mewed for a bit but he wouldn't get off. Then I jumped on the sofa and tried to squeeze behind him to see if there was a space but there wasn't. So I sat on the back of the sofa by his head and licked his hair for a while and mewed to see if I could get him to move, but I couldn't.

After a while I got bored pestering my dad so I sat on the arm of the sofa and looked at the arm of the armchair where my mum was sitting. There was quite a big gap between the sofa and the chair but I decided to jump across to my mum. I got ready to jump and wiggled my back end and my humans noticed what I was doing. My dad said, "Hey Eric, that jump is too far for a big heavy cat like you, you will fall and hurt yourself, don't do it!" But my mum said, "Yes, he can do it, he is more athletic than he looks!" Reassured by her faith in me, I launched myself with a great big leap and landed on the arm of my mum's chair, I did it! I was quite proud that I can still do things those skinny young cats can do.

I settled down on my mum's lap and we watched a repeat of Top Gear which is my dad's favourite programme. After the programme finished I jumped down and went to sleep on the floor. My mum got out her beading stuff and started making a necklace (this is her new hobby). After a while I woke up and had a good wash and then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw this shiny thing, a bit like a long thin snake, twitching on the floor. "Wow," I thought, "a new cat toy!", so I got ready to pounce and I jumped and captured it with my paw. Only to find out that it was the end of the necklace my mum was making and she wasn't too happy about me killing it. Well, how was I supposed to know?

After all that, I was so tired that I was glad to see my dad had got off my spot on the sofa and I could catch up on my napping again. Too much excitement for one evening!

Hi Eric, we had a similar evening to you tonight. We haf got our own sofa though and the Beans aren't allowed to sit on it.They fink it is still their sofa, but mum put our vishus deerskin bed on it, so that makes it ours. We share their sofa as well though, and tonight we all watched Top Gear together too.It's cold here, but has been dry until tonight, and now the rain is beating against the windows. We're glad we're in the warm with the woodburner making it cosy.
Good work on yer affletik leap and killing the necklace. We hope yoo didn't kill the necklace too badly thoigh.
Hi Fat Eric, I have tagged you for a meme. Please come by my blog for the rules.
Wow, yoo maded a grate big leap. We'z haffing a alaxing evening too, it's snowing outside. Well, of course it's snowing outside, it doesn't snow inside, duh.
Wow, that sounds like quite a busy Saturday night. I can see why you'd need the rest. I'm glad he finally moved for you. Humans can be so inconsiderate sometimes.
you really did have a busy night. Wow! My Lady and Senor watched an episode of Top Gear one night. It had Simon Cowell in it. Senor looked at the cars and said va va va vroom and The Lady looked at Simon and said va va va voom!!! Heehee.
Wow Eric, weekends is for RESTING not being so busy!
Good jumpin, Eric. Yeah, we kitties are good about judgin distances. Yer Mom was right to trust you ta know!

Sounds like ya hadda hard time findin yer good spot to nap on. Glad ya found it finally!
You are a very, very busy boy! Congratulations on a very well-executed leap. You are strong.
Good jump, Eric! I sometimes leap from Mum's chair to Dad's, so I KNOW how athletic you need to be!
It sounds like you had a lovely peaceful evening.We're glad your Mum is feeling better, too. Have a good Sunday!
Aren't those great evenings? I love it when Mom and Dad just hang around and let me spend a quiet evening with them!
I'm glad your Mom is feeling better, both little beans here are gettin' over their colds.

It sounds like you had a busy evening, you deserve a nap!
I am so glad that ya stopped by yesterday. I am so sorry that I haven't gotten back to ya sooner but I was having all kinds of blogging problems at my end, don't know what happened. I sure hope it doesn't happen again. Glad that it didn't get in the way of Part I of CCSI. Part II today, glad ya are enjoying the show.
I never had any doubts sbout you making that jump, Eric. Too bad you didn't get any chinese. We don't get any either. Hope your mom feels better quick.

Humans can be hard to move once they settle down into a sofa or chair. We are proud of your leap too!
Hmph! I got left alone for most of the weekend. So I could jump and sleep and cuddle where I wanted. Except that mum was not around.

Good job on the jump. You are an athlete too.
Deze are perfectlee respecta-bull activitieez fur da wekend. Its too bad you didn't gets any take-out though. Waz dere MSG in it?

-Dr Tweety
Wow! You had a very busy Saturday! I'm sorry your Dad doesn't have more faith in your jumping abilities. Just cause you're fluffy doesn't mean you can't take big flying leaps!
As you may know, Daisy was helped to the bridge by her Mom and Dad today. I have a nice memorial with a poem on my blog, to honor a very special girl.

CalicoMom Toni
I'm sorry to hear that your mom was sick! How many students or germy things does your mom have? My mom is also a teacher, first grade, six years old here. She only has 15 students this year. It's heavenly for her. She loves how quickly things get done this year. Eric you are one handsome mancat, just like me. Congrats on your jump! I'm glad you still can move well.
yes Mom always gets upset when we pounce her "string" (yarn supposidly) but we luv to play and think she should share, However she gets really really upsets when Ko Ko bites it in halfs. ~The FLuffy Tribe
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