Friday, November 23, 2007


Floofy Friday: Abandoned!

My humans are abandoning me! They both have next Monday off from work (my mum's school is closed for another one of those strange holidays) and so they are going to Berlin for the weekend to stay in some fancy hotel and buy German biscuits, or something. I hope they will wave to Dragonheart if they fly over his house. They have to get up at some ridiculously early time tomorrow to get to the airport and they don't get back until Monday evening. Uncle Andrew has been left in charge of feeding me this weekend, I hope he doesn't forget!

So I will be all alone. No laptime. No snuggles. It just isn't good enough! Therefore I am teleporting over to The Tower Hill Mob to enjoy their party and meet Toby's new sister Lydia. I hear they have got a whole turkey just for me! After that, maybe I'll teleport to visit a few of my other friends.

I will report back on Tuesday on how I survived this weekend of abandonment. At least I won't have to fight my dad for his pillow...I'll have it all to myself!

Oh no Eric! We feel for you. Our Ma left us all alone last night. We got her back though- Sultanfus threw up all over the place. Welcome home Ma! Hehehe.
Eric this is dreadful. I suggest that when you are finished at the party, you call the rspca
You get another holiday or at least your beans do. Mum has to go back to work on Monday.

But you are welcome to teleport over and share with the leftover turkey, the new snuggle bed etc. after the party to welcome Lydia.
Eric, what are we going to do with these humans? Mine didn't even cook a Thanksgiving Day dinner yesterday - they abandoned us to go eat their cousin's food - and now we don't even get any leftovers!

It's a good thing there are so many Cat Blogosphere kitties we can go visit when we get abandoned!

Eric, I am so sorry about the fact that you are being deserted! However, what luck that there is a whole turkey just for you over at Lydia's party with the Tower Hill Mob! We still have turkey if you'd like to visit - Kashim & Othello came by last night and we had a great time!

Purrrrrrs, Willow
Oh no, Eric, you are being abandoned too. So is Jack and Persephone. Must be the season when the humans go through this ritual of 'walkabouts'. See you at the party!
First you don't get turkey and then you are abandoned? Eric this is horrible!!!
Eric, this is very terrible and sad news! Abandoned for a whole weekend! That is almost like forever.
Eric we feel furr yoo. We know what it's like to be continually abadoned, although we haf put our paws down and told the Beans that they are not allowed to leave us furr 6 months.We are on our way to see Toby and Lydia now. We'll see yoo there.
pee-ess. If yer Beans must leave yoo, we hope they haf a good time.
Oh jeepers Eric! First no turkey, now this? We hope your beans have a good time, but they had better bring you a nice treat for letting them go!

Congratulations on you 200th post!
Oh no Eric, how could they!! WEll, we'll see you at the party and please feel free to teleyport over and hang out with us while you are alone. We have a warm fire going in the fireplace and plenty of Thanksgiving leftovers to share!
Oh fur da love of...yoo are welcome to teleport over here any time mom and dad are both home all weekend and mom will be here Monday so there's plenty of lap to go around.
This is awful. I hope they bring you back a bunch of presents!
Oh Eric, how terrible. What meanies! I hope they bring some fancy food back for you.

Eric, you are always more than welcome to stay with us.
Mum says she could never get enough of your floofiness(what am I, chopped liver?)
Bet the're gonna drink lots of beer too. That what you do in Germany.
Uncle ASndrew makes us nervous. After that time he forgot about you, he's been pretty good about coming over...but I'd be nervous too Eric.
Enjoy the pillow. An we hope ya enjoy teleportin to friends while you are LEFT ALONE!
How *could they???

You can teleport over here, too, if you like ...
Oh Eric! I am so sorry. We Ballicai were abandonated last night cuz Momma and Daddy tooked an ofurnight Thanksgiving trippie to celebrate with fambly out of town. And we Ballicai were NOT PLEASED!

Momma and Daddy are back now, though! so that is furry good. Teleport ofur and play with us anytime you like! Me and you and Brainball can do some mancat rasslin!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Poor Eric,

You can always visit here.We have alot of leftover turkey grandma made
it's delicious.
you can come over & visit me too if you get too bored. I'll share all mine toys with you!
Oh no. I'm so sorry they abandoned you. They will be home soon though.
cheer up, Eric.Tuesday is coming soon, isnĀ“t it? our mum is going to Buenos Aires for a long month and a half, what do you think? she is very sad because she cannot take us with her. we are going to be in charge of her partner, the man of the house, we love him , too.
but we need them both, we are so accustomed to being four here (sigh)
You poor poor thing. I will be thinking of you.
Eric, hello? Did your beans make it back to take care of you??
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