Friday, November 16, 2007


Floofy Friday: Having A Lie-In

Yesterday morning (Thursday) we had our first real frost in the night and the garden was white when we woke up. I felt cold again so I had snuggled up under the duvet with the humans. I didn't get a very good night's sleep though because my mum (having been infected by the germ-ridden children in her class) was coughing all night. In the morning she couldn't go to work because her voice had gone missing. Maybe those children stole it? Anyway, my dad got up for work and my mum phoned in sick and then went back to bed. So I went downstairs and got breakfast from my dad, and then it was still pretty cold and I was still sleepy so I went back upstairs and got back under the duvet to look after my mum and catch up on some napping.

This is what I look like in the morning when I am tired. Bleary-eyed, but still cute, I think. Surely any human would be happy to share the duvet with me?

That sounds like the perfect morning to me. Get up, have some food, go back to bed, and curl up next to a nice warm (though sick) mom. Hope your mom is feeling better soon. Good things cats cannot catch colds huh?
Eric, you look so cuddly! Stay close to your Mum until she feels better. We're sending purrs and healing vibes to her from America.
we hopes your mum feels better soon!!
Lost er voice? Has she looked unner the fridge an chairs fer it? The Big Thing finds a lot of our missing stuff there.

Hope she finds it somewhere...
Does Dr. Derby need to make a house call? Keep helping your mum rest and keep her warm.
Goodness...a lost voice. Sometimes those things hide in the craziest places. I hope your mom finds hers soon. How nice of you to snuggle up with her to help her feel better.

Hope your mom is feeling better soon!!

Jasper McKitten-Cat
you look very cute and handsome!
We hope your momma is feeling better soon! we are sure all your snuggling helps wif her recovering!
I hope your mom feels better soon!! You look very cute, even bleary eyed! I love your beauty mark.

Children are furry good at sharing yukky germs. Hope yoor mom's feeling better...snuggling her will help a lot we're sure of that.
No matter what, you are always cute. Make yur Mum drink lots of water and tea for dat cold.
you're the cuddly-est! our Lady says she'd fake being sick just to stay cuddled up with you. hope your mum gets better quickly! purrrrrs!
You are very cute, Fat Eric. :) I hope your mom feels better soon!
Oh no! I hope your Mom is feeling better today! Is there anythin' I can sneak in your package for her?

(And MomBean is still enjoyin' her mini bars, I'm not allowed to talk about her snarfing the Aero ones already...)
I hope your Mum finds her voice and is feeling better soon.

I don't think you look bleary eyed in that photo. You look cute :-) No one could resist having you in their bed.
That is so good of you to help out your Mom Eric. It looks comfortable too.
Our mom said she'd like to snuggle with you, especially since we do not snuggle. Enjoy the lie-in!
You do look a little bit sleepy. I hope your mom feels better soon. But while she has lost her voice, you have the perfect opportunity! You can be bad, and she cannot say "NO NO!"

YOU look mighty handsome in the mornings.

Oh Eric, I think you will get lots of offers to share your duvet!!
Have fun snuggling with your Mom.Make sure she gets lots of rest :)
You are furry welcome to come & share da momeez & dadeez duvet. Of course, dey will be in da bed too, wit Iris, Delilah & Auntie Stinkie. Da mad Burr-man & I are sleepin' in da living room on da couch. You can help us drive da pet sitter out of da house on Tur-key day!!!

-Dr Tweety
We hope your mum feels better soon.There's nuffin like kitty cuddles furr making the Beans feel better.Maybe after a good long morning of cuddles, you can look furr her voice.
We hope your Mum feels better soon. It is nice of you to take care of her like that!
Stay warm and get your mum all better!
Hope your mom feels better soon. I wouldn't mind sharing a duvet with you. It is cold in the morning. Stay in bed is my advice.

You git germies? And they make moms sickie? Uh Oh.....
Hi Fat Eric...I hope your mom is feeling better. I have tagged you for a meme. Please come by my blog for the rules.
hay Eric i do that too !!!! we sending out hoiday cards and like to send you one can we have an adress

Mu shue and Lilly lu

you can send it to queenlillycatAtaolDotcom
our Mom is good at sharing duvets, so she would share wif you and gif you a kiss on yer little beauty spot on yer cheek too ~The Fluffy Tribe

Peeess we hopes you Mom feels better
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