Friday, November 09, 2007


Furriends on Friday

I was just about to post today about my good friend Monty being missing for two days and how worried everyone was about him - but Monty is back! Yay! So I can post about something else instead. (And Monty, if you're reading this, my mum says don't ever scare your humans like that again, OK?)

A couple of weeks ago my mum went out for the day with my friend English Daisy's mum and dad. You may know that Daisy has a lot of health problems and she is quite frail now but her humans take good care of her and she has her guinea pig friends to keep her company. Here are some pictures my mum took at Daisy's house so that I could see how my friends there were getting on. Here is Daisy:Daisy likes to spend a lot of time sleeping in front of a heater to keep warm. She has got very thin and is tiny compared to me.
This is Daisy checking on Basil, who is possibly the biggest guinea pig in the world! My mum thinks that Basil looks like a wombat. What do you think?
Basil doesn't like living with other guinea pigs so his wife Marigold and daughter Lavender live in another cage. This is Marigold.
And this is Lavender.
I am glad that Daisy has guinea pig friends for company but please keep purring for her and her health.

I have never met Daisy. She looks like such an adorable kitty cat, I am sorry to hear she has health problems. It is nice she has Basil, Lavender and Marigold as friends.
Those are very nice friends to have. I will purr for her so that she stays in good health.
It is good to have other furry frends. We will definitly be purring and purraying fur Daisy, she's gots purrty furs too.
awwwwwwwwwww what a sweet English Daisy she is. We've thought of her often since you told us she was sick and hoped she would get better soon. I'm so very glad she has such great guinea pig friends to keep her warm and snuggle with her.

We'll keep her and her family in our prayers.

Thank goodness Monty is back! He'd better never scare us all like that again.
Oh English Daisy is purrty! We's glad she's got furriends there to be wif. We'll keep her in our purrayers alla the time. And yeah, we's sooooo happy Monty is back. We's gonna do kitty dances all nite bout that.
Sanjee, Boni Maroni, Mini, Gree and Pepi
we is so happy that Monty is home. we will keep purraying for English Daisy.
Daisy reminds us of our Mittens. She is an honorary Calico Girl. Daisy's Mom sented our Mom the pichers you took. That was furry nice of you.

Purrs to English Daisy. I have never seen a wombat so I don't know if Basil looks like one.
English Dasiy is a beautiful girl - purrs to her.
We hope English Daisy is feeling better soon! She has a nice warm place to nap and that is important.
We think we will post pictures of our piggies soon too.
Glad to hear Monty is back! And that Daisy is enjoyin her nomms!

Skeeter and LC
I hav just snapped owt ov being hip-na-tized by yore Wensday piksher, Eric. I am sooooo glad Monty is bak home again, I woz furry wurried. Thank yu for the purrs - my piggy pals are fun, arent they. And yes, Scooby Shaggy and Scout, it wood be gud to see yore piggies too.
Never doing it again, Sir yes Sir!
Thanks for sharing with us about English Daisy and her cute piggy friends. I am sending very strong purrs to Daisy for her health. She sure is a beautiful kitty.
I hope Daisy is feeling better, there have just been too many friends not feeling well. The guinea pig looks like he will help Daisy feel better. And I am so glad Monty is back! we need happy news. If you feel like getting away don't forget that Opus & Roscoe are having a Mafia Movie Marathon in Italy tomorrow, it is all day. Check things out and come on over. I am bringing some bootleg gin that I picked up in Chicago along with some beer. Hope to see you
Daisy is very beautiful :-)
We're glad to know English Daisy is still hanging in there. We've been thinking about her.

Daisy, honey. If nothing else, occasionally send an update to the Cat Blogosphere or someplace, OK?
English Daisy is a very beautiful girl, Eric! She looks very fragile, but we are glad she has such sweet human beans and lovely guinea pig friends. We will send her purrrrs from all 10 of us.

I am so glad that Monty is home. I was really worried.
Hi Eric, really liked your wordless Wednesday pic. I am sorry to hear your friend English Daisy is not feeling so good. Purrs and Prayers going up for her. It is so nice that she has such good friends around her to comfort her. Basil does look like he's a pretty big guy. Guess that's why he likes to have more room and wants a cage of his own.

Daisy is a purreshus kitty, and we Ballicai are purrin fur her health, too. And those are cute ginnea piggies she lives with!

That's a beeyootiful pickshure of you fur Wordless Wednesday! And we Ballicai would love fur you to teleport ofur and nap with us!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
English Daisy is a very pretty kitty. It sounds like her family take great care of her. We will keep her in our thoughts!
Thanks for sharing your friend Daisy
with us.She looks like a very sweet
adorable kitty.Me and mom will pray for her.
We are sending our purrs furr English Daisy too. She's a purrty girl. We haf nefurr seen guinea pigs, but they look furry inchresting.
Hello, Eric,
We will certainly keep Daisy in our thoughts and purrs. Tilly spent lots of time cuddling and sleeping,too. Older ladies do that.
Thanks for the Guy Fawkes poem. Mum was visiting Grandma on Guy Fawkes Day, but they recited the poem together. Grandma had taught it to Mum when she was a little girl. her version starts a little differently- Please to remember the Fifth of November.
Grandma is concerned about Molly getting diabetes, so she's switching Molly to all stinky goodness. She loves it- especially the fishy kind!
I stopped by to let you know that there is a new ballot for the soap title. Voting will start Monday at 11:00 am est and end Tuesday at 9:00 pm est. There were so many entries that there are two ballots so be sure to look at both of them but please vote for only one title.
Purrs for Daisy! and that is indeed a huge guinea pig!
Hey guys, how are you all doing?
Could you have your Mom email our Mom, it is really important. Our addy is
English Daisy is a beautiful ladycat. And her piggy friends are super cute. Thanks for sharing her story...we will be sending her purrs!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
Nice to see Daisy is still doing ok. What cute furry Guinea pigs. Dey sure am big!
You are invited to come over for mine 14th purrthday party! Come have a wook at the invitation at mine bwoggy!
Yo! Eric, you give Daisy some smootchies for me, will you! I am worried about her!
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