Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I Survived...

...barely, after my boring weekend being abandoned by my staff. My humans had a great time in Berlin but nearly didn't get home on Monday night. They ended up sitting in Münster Osnabrück airport for hours while people were trying to repair a broken windshield on their plane. Then they had to wait for another plane to be brought from Berlin to finally fly them on to London. They got home after 11 p.m. and were very grumpy when they had to get up for work the next morning. I was very relieved when they finally got home and had to lick them and stand on them a lot to make myself feel better.

Uncle Andrew remembered to feed me (though he is not generous with the treats). He didn't even grumble too much about having to clean up the large hairball I left in the hall especially for him. He did scare my mum, though, because when she got home he told her that he was worried about me because I was limping and seemed subdued. This made her anxious, so since she has been home she has been monitoring me and I have no trace of a limp and seem perfectly normal, so now she is wondering if I was faking the limp to get extra attention from Uncle Andrew...I'm not telling!

My humans claimed they didn't see any presents I would like in Berlin. Mostly they have been raving about seeing amazing chocolate shops and luxurious hotels and eating cakes and riding on yellow trains and seeing a famous polar bear. Sounds like they have just been enjoying themselves. When is it my turn to be spoiled?

Thank goodness Uncle Andrew remembered to feed you! I was a little bit worried. I think NOW is your turn to be spoiled since you had such a terrible and boring weekend.
I'm glad you were fed! I hope you are appropriately spoiled now. The parents had their fun, so now it is your turn to be pampered!
Thank goodness you were fed! We are highly dissapointed that no treats were brought back for you. You should pout and maybe even limp until you get some!!
We are glad you let Uncle Andrew know how much you appreciate him with the hairball!
Well, even if you didn't get a proper souvenir, at least they are home now and able to (hopefully) give you the proper attention you deserve.
So glad that your staff has returned safetly. Faking a limp to get more attention huh? That is cleaver we are going to have to try that one!
I don't know when your turn is, but I hope they make this up to you soon!
So...they're running around having a grand time but couldn't find ONE THING in the entire city of Berlin for you?! Hmmmpfff...a likely story. I think an apology is in order.

They couldn't find one single thing to bring you home! I find that hard to believe, I'm pretty sure they have cats in Germany! Duh, of course they do that's where Dragonheart is!
I think you are spoiled. I think we are all spoiled, because we have beans who love us very much.

I think you are overdue for some manly spoiling Eric! You do need to be spoiled sometimes!
So glad your humans are back to spoil you. What? No presents? That's just so unfair! Of course you were subdued when they were away - you missed them, that's why.
pashaw, likely story dey couldn't find yoo something! Dey prolly din't even look, to bizzy pampering demselfs. It's yoor turn now, demand attenshun and plenty of it!
Glad Andrew didn't forget you, that would not be good for your health. Nice try on the sympathy limp, but regardless, you need to be spoiled now.
That was a very clever sympathy ploy - bet it got you lots of extra love! We're glad your Beans are back.
It sounds like it should be treat time for Eric now! Make them feel guilty--resume limping.

Way to go with the hairball!! I can't believe there were no cat treats or presents in all of Berlin. I would start limping again to insure you get lots of pets and treats.

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
PS I'm glad your parents made it home safe and sound.
That's a relief that Uncle Andrew remembered to feed you. Do you mean to say they couldn't find you just one little teensy treat in Germany? Right!! Not just hairballs. It's got to be hairballs and poop. Make them pay for their neglect.
Mr. Eric,

I just wanted to let you know that my brofur has added an award to my contest that you can participate in - in fact it's just for only kitties like you. I do hope you'll enter!

Indeed -- when is it your turn to be spoiled?!! I think one long weekend with the humans just laying around with you... lots of naps and strokes and treats is in order.
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