Tuesday, November 13, 2007


This Week

Our stupid internet connection went down yesterday so I couldn't do a Mancat Monday post. Huh.

My mum was serving up my dinner last night and dropped the bowl and all the stinky goodness fell out on to the kitchen floor. She said bad words. I was quite happy to help clean the floor by eating my stinky goodness off it, but I wasn't allowed to. I think she is grumpy because the class she is teaching have all got colds and now they have passed their germs on to her. I hope I can't catch human cold germs.

The weather here has gone grey, dreary and cold so the humans have been getting out their winter coats and scarves and stuff. Last night I got chilly despite my floofy fur and had to go and crawl under the duvet with the humans to get warm. Then they moaned that I was taking over the bed and they were falling off the edge. Honestly.

I don't think much of this week so far. And it is only Tuesday.

On the bright side, I know someone already posted this story on the Cat Blogosphere, but we really like this story that was on the BBC today!

I LOVE that story - how cute is that?

I'm sorry you are having a rough week so far Eric - one good thing is it has to get better, right?
So sorry you are having a rough week Eric. My ma can't complain about me taking over the bed because Im usually snuggled right up under her chin. I say "See the whole bed is what if you can't move because Im pinning you down". Humans, really.
What a great story! He has his mommy trained well.

I'm so sorry you aren't having a good week. I'll keep my paws crossed that it gets better for you.
Sorry you have had such a rough week Eric - we hope it gets better for you and your Mum soon! As for the article, that is great! We wonder what he does at night. Think his girlfriend kitty lives there?
What a great story! Sorry it's getting so chilly where you are. My mom keeps complaining because she likes snow and usually there is enough snow that has accumulated on the mountains near Santa Fe, New Mexico (about an hour from where we live) for the ski slopes to open by Thanksgiving weekend. Unfortunately, it's way way too warm for much of anything to be accumulating and this irritates my mom the skier.
That is a very funny story! I wonder what he is doing every night? I can't believe it is all for some sardines...

I hope your week gets better and better!
oh goodness we hope that your week gets better
That story is too funny. Maybe that mancat has a ladycat he likes to go and visit. Who knows..

I'm sorry you are having a rough week. We will send you and your mom purrs for a better end of the week.

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
Any cat that says he does not think much of this week so far on only Tuesday is a Mosaic Cat at heart.
I like your 'tude and style, Fat Eric, and Mosaic Lady worships your floofy frame!
What a fascinating story1

I hope your week gets better Eric and that your human doesn't come down sick!

da momee & da dadee complainz evfurry night about catz takin' over da bed. I say why did dey gets da bed in da firstee place if dey tink we wouldn't uze da darn ting. Well, you could alwayz hawk up a hairball & den dey will have to move over & give you some room!!!!

-Dr Tweety
Stay warm anyway you can Eric!
I don't know how you can stand it, Eric. At least the story about Sgt Podge made you smile.
Sorry your week is such a bummer - we had a nice sunny day but the months of cold and grey are comming!
You shouldn't eat the dropped food as it might have broken parts in it that could hurt your tummy.

Good story on Sgt Podge. Mum missed that one.

Bummer on the cold from the kids at school. I put a post up about you. I hope you get a smile from the last picture.
We first thought Sgt Podge was strange, but then we read about te sardines... That all makes sense...
You're not that big. I can't believe they said they were falling off the edge of the bed. I believe they were exaggerating!
We hope your week gets better. Momma and Daddy just gave up and now we all sleep with them. It's lots warmer for everybody that way, right?
That's a great story about Sgt. Podge! Humans can be trained!
Hope those little bas- don't make your mum sick. They carry so many nasty viruses.
Happy snuggling.
I hate being chilly, so I sleep under the covers, too. But I INSIST on being held in the crook of Mom's arm, right against her chest. Then when she turns over I walk across her to get to her front again!

Sorry yer having a bad week Eric, hopefully it'll get better. When it's cold I get under the kwilt and snuggle up to mum's tummy. Eric hogs her pillow and sleeps on hers and dad's heads.
That is too bad that you couldn't blog yesterday. I would be mad!
I didn't get to blog yesterday, but that was due to a lazy MomBean. Beans!

I did see some Feline Greenies in the kitchen, but she won't let me opem them. See?!? Beans!
Wow, what a tough week. Those sticky little people are always leaking germs of some kind. It is all icky, cold and rainy here too.
the only good thing about that is the afghans are back on the couch and bed for me to burrow under.

PS I think since kitties only have furs to keep them warm, they get dibs on warm beds...
Great story.Hope your week gets better.
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