Friday, November 30, 2007


Weekend News

Well, here is the latest news:

1. My dad has been off sick from work for the last two days. I have been in charge of looking after him. This has been keeping me very busy. Apparently when he has stuff in his chest that makes him cough, me sitting on his chest doesn't help. You would think it would.

2. The weather is horrible. Dark, gloomy, windy, rain lashing down. Might as well stay in cosily and watch TV while keeping an eye on my dad. I think my mum was quite jealous of us actually when she had to go out into the pouring rain this morning.

3. I have been thinking of what to ask for on my Christmas list. I am sending my mum out tomorrow to get what I need to send to my Secret Paw. I can't tell you who my Secret Paw is! It could be YOU!!!

4. There have been lots more cat stories in the news here lately. Here is one about
a cat who got delivered to a pub on a beer lorry...

5. And here is one about a very accident-prone cat who they are calling bionic...

6. And here is one about a cat who has joined the police force here in London - PC Tizer...

What exciting lives some felines lead. I prefer relaxing amongst my favourite things - here's a great picture Zoolatry did to show what my favourite things are!

I love your zoolatry photo Eric! That's great.

I think my human may be getting what your human has. I hate nursing. They got so unruly.
hehehe, Eric! I love yur photoportrait by Zoolatry. That's so kool!

I'm so sorry yur Daddy's sick! I'm sure you're doin a furry good job nursin him. and I'm sure sittin on his chest will help him, maybe you just have to do it efun more! And hey, maybe Brainball could telleport ofur and the two of you sittin on his chest might do the trick!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Zooaltry even remembered to include your yellow chair! How cool is that?!
Tell your dad we hope he feels better soon and we applaud you for doing your utmost to help him through this! Those are great cat stories...thanks for sharing them withus!
Sure, the dad goes on holiday. Then comes home and gets sick. Which means even more time off from work. Likely story.

You may be getting rain. We are supposed to get snow and ice on Saturday.
We hope yer Dad is feelin better...
Great Zoolatry image - very apropos!

Best wishes that your dad will feel better soon!
I hope your dad feels better soon. I do not understand why sitting on his chest does not help him.
I'm sorry your Dad is sick. I hope he feels all better soon. We're going to have some nasty weather this weekend. Ack.
Please tell your Daddy that we hope he feels better soon!
MomBean has the littleBeans crud, so she can sympathize with your Dad!

And there's somethin' coming in the mail for you!
Hope your dad feels better soon. I suggest that all the kitties in the north head south for the warm weather!
Hope yoor dad feels fit soon, fur yoo and yoor mom's sake. Did yoo try jumping on his chest, this help to get da rattly stuff out.
Hope your dad is soon feeling better.
We like your Zoolatry pikchur wiv all your faverit fings. The food bowl is good cuz then you can look at your hansum face while you're eating.
We're glad you liked your Chris Mouse card.
I am sad to hear that your daddy is sick and I hope that he gets better soon!
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