Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Wordless Wednesday: Look Into My Eyes

Booootiful, just boooootiful!
Your eyes look like jewels!
Such nice eyes - so sparkely! You're such a handsome guy.
Um... the last time I did that, I ended up a Borg... well not your eyes but you know.
Just so handsome Eric.
what a handsome boy you are Fat Eric. We wanted to warn yer Mom incase she visits the FLuffy blog that TOnks is up for the wordless wed. pict soes she won't be surprised ~the Fluffy Tribe
Yoo have got furry hipnottik eyes Eric. Now we are feeling furry sleepy.

YOU have gorgeous eyes...

Oh, you're so furry and gorgeous :-)
You have beautiful eyes!!!!
The rest of you is nice too,:)
You are a handsome fellow. We are glad to hear your diabetes is under control and by diet alone - great!

Moe & Mindy
You are such a handsome mancat! Wonderful stare. =^_^=
Your ginger color and all that floof - you are such a handsome mancat!

Glad to hear you are doing well!!

-Josie McKitten-Cat
Uh oh, I think I been HYPNOTIZED!
wow, you have amazing eyes. i bet you never get in trouble when you turn those peepers on your beans!
thanks for the birthday wishes, i totally understand about beans not leaving the computer on. silly humans. i missed you tho!

i'm very glad you had a good Guy Fawkes Day and that the fireworks are all over now. most kitties don't like the boomies.
Mom says she will look into your eyes AND wrap her arms around you!
You're looking good, friend!
Ah, yes.
The love eyes. No bean can resist!
Oooooo, we love your eyes. They are saying "Give me treats human!!" We bet it worked too!! No human could resist!
You have gorgeous eyes, Eric.
I am mesmerized.
Eric, all the girlkitties here at Artsy Catsy are swooning over your handsome photo! We send you many, many peaceful purrs on Peace Globe Day.

and all your friends at Artsy Catsy
Eric, your eyes are mesmerizing!
Those are some awesome eyes! I think I'm hypnotized...

You are a very handsome boy! Take care of yourself...stop by and see me sometime...
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