Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Beware of the Guard Cat

I have been getting some more interesting post this week. Today I got a card from Hendrix and one from Pearl, Bert and Jake. Yesterday I got one from Millie and one from the McKitten Cats. I love getting envelopes addressed to me!

There was a story on the BBC News about
a cat who likes to attack postmen. Now the postmen are refusing to put letters through their letterbox. I would never do that - I like getting letters too much!

It is fun getting cards furrom all over the world isn't it Eric. We haven't had anymore this week so we keep listening furr the postman's van cuz mum sez we haf more to come furrom Mericky. We're glad all your Beans furrends liked our card to you.
Are you coming near Plymouth in the Evil Cat Carrier? Do you want us to wave to you?
Isn't it cool to get mail! We love it. It's too bad the Woman is so lazy and doesn't send out cards to get more cards...

That kitty might have made a little mistake to scratch the mailman.
I hide when the lady in bloo comes!
It is fun getting things, isn't it?

Thank you for your kind words of support during mom's difficult time. She very much appreciates it.

Roxy & Lucky
Yes! We like getting mail too. We gots more cards den our beans so far and it's making dem jellus.
we mailed one to you too - but we doesn't know how long it will take to get there.
I'm sure the cat just thought it was a game they were playing.
I'm gonna go bite the postman here! :(
That kitty just wants to play. He sees the wiggly fingers and does what comes natural to a cat. Sheesh.
Ah, poor kitty I bet she just wanted to play with him! I hope your prize comes soon, please let he know when you get it. We've been having trouble with presents (like my Secret Paw) getting mixed up! Eek! ~Queen Snickers
thanks fur bisiting me. i am gonna go bisit the ginger blog to see what yu is all about. my mommees says she sees lots of gorgeous gingers bloggers and maybe i should be one too.

Good thing you don't attack the postman. I always run to the window to check out when the post gets here.
An there is at least one more on the way. ;)
Maybe yoo would lick da postman instead.
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