Sunday, December 16, 2007


Easy Like Sunday Morning

No, you can't make the bed! I'm still using it.

You look very snuggly! Sundays are for sleeping in.
You look comfy. I think it's wonderful that your humans have sheets that match you.
That's right Eric, you tell them!!
what a cuddly, floofy boy!
Rule 1, Beins do NOT disturb a nappin cat. For Any reason! Well, unless there is a threat to the cat (like a fire or somethin) or unless it is dinnertime...
Skeeter is absolutely correct! And personally, I don't think human beds should EVER be made ... they're much more snuggly when they're mussy, right Eric?

Oah I can see you very cozy~!!!
Have a lovely nap~!
Yeah, our mom gave up on making da beds. She just leaves dem messy so we can sleep in dem comfy and cozy.
The bed should never get made. We need it for our sleeping spot.
You look all cozy and comfy on the bed, Eric. :)
You tell her Eric...Humans Sheesh!!!
And the best part, it smells like your mum & dad!
You got the best spot !
I do that a lot.....sometimes the bed doesn't get made until noon!

Thanks so much for the purrty card!

You look so snuggly there! We love Sundays on the bed.
The piggie card you told us about sounds adorable!!!!!!!!!!!
Beds are for sleeping in not for making up. Sheesh!
ERIC, Thanks for the link!!!! He's adorable!! They have lots of neat stuff there. Wish it was a US company!!
Eric, you look adorable, floofy, and snuggly! Mom wants to give you a big kiss.

Rumbly purrs and floofy headbonks from Brainball.
Why in the world would they want to make the bed for?
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