Friday, December 21, 2007


My Christmas Travels

It is all action here.

The good news is that my mum finished school yesterday for the Christmas holidays, so she can relax a little. The bad news is that yesterday morning she woke up with a streaming cold (probably given to her by one of those pesky children she teaches). She feels very bad about this because she doesn't want to give everyone in the family a cold for Christmas. I hope her nose stops running by Christmas Day!

On Wednesday evening I was just relaxing by the Christmas tree and my dad walked in with Uncle Sim and Auntie Jan! (That's my dad's brother who lives in Mericky and the lady who married him and kidnapped him to live in Mericky.) They came all the way from Montana for Christmas! They seemed a bit confused about what time it was and spent a lot of time sleeping for the first day they were here. Of course, they have been making a big fuss of me and I think they brought me some presents!

Today they left us again to go down to Devon Grandma's house - she is the mum of my dad and Uncle Sim. Last year we spent Christmas at Devon Grandma's house so I was suspecting that I might be going travelling again this Christmas, and I was right!

My mum says I am going on a big journey this Christmas. Tomorrow my humans are taking me down to Devon Grandma's but we are only staying there for one night, because on Sunday we are going to travel on down to Cornwall to my mum's sister's house. I have never been there before. She lives near Cornish Grandma. I have been to Cornish Grandma's house before but I did not get along with her d-o-g, so maybe it is good that I am staying with my mum's sister instead. We will still see a lot of Cornish Grandma over Christmas.

I am not going to enjoy being put in the Evil Cat Carrier and doing all that travelling in the car, but mum says I will like being on holiday once I get there. We just hope our journey is not foggy like last year.

I have done a special map to show you where I will be travelling. I hope it is clear to see, it is difficult to write labels with paws. It shows where I live, where we are going to stop at Devon Grandma's and where we are going for Christmas in Cornwall.

I won't be able to post again until I get to Cornwall, wish me luck on my travels!

P.S. The postman just came again with a card from Skeeter and LC and a package from Queen Snickers which I think must be the snuggle I won in Opus & Roscoe's competition, although mum says I should wait to open it on Christmas Day. Thank you very much!

Good luck on your Christmas travels! If you fancy a couple of extra hours driving, you could always pop over to the Isle of Wight for mince pies at my house! x
Oh Eric, yoo are far more well traveled den us. We like to stay home! Now dat we haf da nefew to care fur us maybe mom and dad will go away more offen. Da nefew is a good kitty spoiler! Safe travels and have a great time wif yoor gramma's and a wonderful Krissmouse.

I hope yur travels aren't too bad ... I know you will enjoy being with everyone at Christmas. Have a safe trip and let us hear from you.

Meowy Krissmousey
Abby and Boo
Eric, I wish you a safe journey.
I'm glad I'm not getting put into any carrier for Christmas,though.
Oh, and Not The Mama says he's always wanted to visit Cornwall.
Merry Christmas, from all of us @ Purrchance To Dream!
Yea! Momma and I are so happy your prize made it for Christmas! That looks like a lot a traveling you have planed. My Momma and Daddy are going to her parents house for Christmas but I still don't know if my sister and I are going yet. Two of my sons will be there, one is coming with Momma's sister. It would be a great family reunion. Anyway, HAPPY CHRISTMAS!! ~Queen Snickers
Well Eric at least you will be with your people and not left home alone. Happy traveling & visiting. Hope you get all the attention.
It sounds like an exciting adventure! We're sad that we don't get to go with our mom and dad, but they said it's not safe for us on the plane. Have a wonderful Christmas!
What an exciting Christmas you'll be having, Eric! We wish you a happy one and safe travels on your journey to Cornwall!

& everybody at Artsy Catsy
Thanks for sharing your map with us, it is very interesting to see where you are going. Have fun on your travels, and Happy Holidays to you!
Wow! Good luck on your travels! My mommy sighed all wistfully when she saw that you were going to Cornwall. She's always wanted to visit there.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope Sandy Paws is VERY good to you, especially after all that travelling!

(Purrs to your mommy . . . I hope she feels better soon!)
Safe journey Eric, I don't have to go anywhere to enjoy Christmas. It all comes to me.

Happy Christmas.
Oh Eric, it sounds like you will be having a wonderful Christmas. We hope your Mom gets better soon, so she is cold free by Christmas.
Tigger, I and Mom want to wish you and your family a blessed Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Hope you get lots of presents.
Your FL furiends,
My mom and her family came from Mericky!

I hope you have a happy trip and a Merry Christmas.

My mom finished school yesterday TOO!!

WOO HOO! yells my mom.
G'day - I'm Tigger's sister, Pyewacket.

We love your blog!
That looks like a very long trip Eric. Can you wave at our good friend's sister when you are in Cornwall for us?

Happy Holidays and have a safe and peaceful journey!
Have fun on your trip.Hope your mom feels better soon,Have a very Happy
Holiday Season.
Have a safe trip Eric and your Beans. We wuz hoping to wave to you when you went through Plymouth, but it looks like you're taking the A30 and you won't be able to see us furrom there.
Happy Chris Mouse and tell your mum we hope her cold is soon better.
haf a wonderful time Eric!!!
ooh, eric- it sounds like you'll have a lovely holiday!
we wish you and your beans safe travels. see you in the new year!
KC said,
Wow, Eric, you's going on a long trip. Hope u's haf fun.
pee ess: fanks fur tha card, we's just gotted it.
Safe travels! It looks like a long journey!
Dear Fat Eric... we hope you have a safe (and fun) trip and a most merry Christmas... stay away from the plum pudding tho!
Oh cool, what a neat excitin trael you are goin on. It looks like a long way!

We're glad ya got our card. We nefer sent anythin ofer a OCEAN before.
Wow Ewic, you're a well-twavelled cat! The most twavewwing I've done is to the V-E-T and back...sigh...
We will miss you, Eric, Have a great holiday.

Roxy & Lucky
Such a busy time of year. Enjoy the extra company and get extra hugs. Ya will probably be travelin but if ya have time before ya go stop by my place Xmas eve or Xmas day I have a surprise for ya. If ya don't make it I will hang onto things and ya can pick them up when ya get back. Cheers!
Merry Christmas to you and your family :-) I know you don't enjoy the traveling, but I hope you enjoy your visits with the beans' relatives.
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