Friday, December 07, 2007


Oh No, Not The V-E-T

Usually I like Friday nights. My humans come home all happy because it is the weekend, and we hang out watching TV and generally relaxing. Tonight started off as humans came home, had a cup of tea, fed me, I climbed on the sofa for a snooze...and then suddenly I was rudely awakened and wrestled into THIS!

It's the Evil Cat Carrier! Can you see me inside looking despairing? The next thing I knew I was being taken out into the cold, cold evening and put into the car and driven off to the V-E-Ts! When we got there I sat in the waiting room meowing very loudly but we didn't have to wait long because it was nearly closing time and we were the last appointment. The v-e-t's surgery has tinsel and baubles all over it at the moment and looks all sparkly. The v-e-t was the Australian v-e-t with the very loud voice who we saw last time. I refused to get out of the ECC just to be difficult, and he tipped it up and tipped me out! (and complained about how heavy I was). My mum showed him the results from my blood sugar tests from the last couple of months and he said I was doing very well with my diabetes control. Then he weighed me because he thought I had put on weight, but to his surprise I had actually lost a bit more weight since last time! I am 19 lb now.

After that my mum asked the v-e-t to give me my annual vaccinations and she said "If he isn't up to date with his vaccinations we can't send him to the kitty jail next summer" and I said "Don't give me the injection! Then I won't have to go to the kitty jail!" but it was too late, he had already stuck the needle in me and I didn't feel a thing. He filled in my special vaccination book and checked to see if my microchip was still working. Then my mum asked the v-e-t to look at my teeth and I really didn't enjoy that, he forced me to open my mouth and scraped bits off my teeth; that was not fun.

I thought we would be going home after that but then the v-e-t picked me up and carried me away from my humans and into another room. I waved my paws at them over his shoulder going "Where is he taking me?" He put me on a table in this back room and shaved my neck again in the place where the hair had only just grown back from last time, and then he got a big needle and stuck it in my neck and stole some more blood! I sat still and co-operated (trying to get it over quickly) and he said I was a good boy. The v-e-t nurse was holding me and I liked her so I shed some floof on her and licked her hair when she bent over to me. Then I got carried back into the waiting room and there were my humans waiting for me, so I was put back in the Evil Cat Carrier and, after my mum had paid the v-e-t nurse £75 (that's about $150), we went home.

My mum says most of the cost was for the blood test they are doing; it's called a fructosamine test and it checks that my mum's home tests are right about my blood sugar being stable. She is going to phone for the results on Wednesday.

Although I behaved myself at the v-e-t's, I was a bit freaked out by the whole experience and I hissed at my dad when he opened the front door again later, in case he was going to take me back there! (And this is very unusual for me because I never hiss except at d-o-gs.) After I had been plied with treats I started to feel a bit more relaxed. I hope the rest of the weekend is more peaceful!

Updated Christmas card score: Humans 3, Me 3.

Oh, Poor Eric! The v-e-t on a Friday night?!?! That's just not fair, it shouldn't be allowed, there should be a law! We're glad to hear that everything went ok, though. Try to enjoy the rest of your weekend.
Oh Eric! How awful!

Still, though, it's good to know your diabetes is under control and that your Mum and Dad want to make sure you are healthy. Sorry to hear that being up to date on your vaccinations makes it ok for them to throw you in kitty jail. That sucks!

I hope the rest of your weekend is better!
What a nightmare. Did you at least get treats? I mean treats help.

What a crap start to the weekend! How could they even think of throwing yoo in da kitty jail...tell them that you'll get sick and they'll have to pay even more colored papers fur yoo if dey send yoo der. Mom and dad would rather forego their vacation than put us in kitty jail cuz both times Zippy and Punkin were there they gots sick...
Oh Eric! What a terrible start to your weekend. At least it can only get better.
Just reading about this ordeal gave me heart palpitations! What a horrrrrible day.
We are so glad to know that you survived.
Well, the rest of your weekend should be *great after *that shock! It's good to know your diabetes is under control, though ...
Oh man, that sucks. Hope the rest of your weekend is better for sure.
It was good to see you at the ham party. Hope the ham didn't mess up your blood sugar.
your bud Pepi
Poor Eric! That is a lot of terrible torture you had to endure. I do not blame you for hissing. This will teach your dad a valuable lesson.
What a rotten way to start your weekend. Glad that the vet check was OK, but mum too has to take me in for rooster shots so I can go to the kittie spa.
The V-E-T?!? How HORRIBLE!!!!!

And he shaved off some of your beautiful furs?!?!? How could your humans be so mean???? I don't blame you for refusing to get out of the ECC!!!

At least you got treats after!!! We are sending purrs for your recovery from the trauma!


PS. My mommy said to say thank you for her!
Poor Eric! Why do they have to shave your beautiful furs just to steal some blood. We hope your weekend is going better now--it certainly couldn't get worse!


P.S. The vet tech steals my blood out of my leg to test for my hyperthyroidism and they have trouble stabbing my little vein.

At least you got the trip to the vet over with. Now you can relax and enjoy the rest of your weekend. And we're glad to know your sugars are under control. Our mom has to stick her finger every morning to check hers and also has to go to the people vet every 3 months and let them steal her bloods! Boy, are we glad we don't have to go with her!!
We're sorry some of your beautiful floof got shaved off. We'll send you some calming purrs to help it grow back quickly!
Ozzy, Alice, Bootsie, Freckles & Lola
Poor you ! Rosie also had to go to the vet but for another reason, she got spayed ! But she too behaved very good and I could take her home same evening and next morning she was already jumping and running around. Amazing ! I had to pay with the yearly shot 135 € (112 £)My vet isn't expensive but still it is a lot for people who want to have their cats spayed but don't have the money to do it. That was the case with Rosie's mum.
Oh dear! Poor Ewic! Having to be poked AND to go to the kitty jail next summer!
Dear, Dear, Eric, I feel very badly for you. I hope you don't have to back to the V-E-T-S for a very long time. I saw that picture of you cleaning your lower tummy. You are a very clean boy. It must take you a very long time to get all those furs clean.
What a traumatic experience! I'm glad your blood sugars are doing well and that you lost weight.
Maybe your mom will forget all about kitty jail by the summer.

Oh No, not the Evil Flying Cat Carrier!!!
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