Thursday, December 27, 2007


Still On Holiday

Yes, there is a lot of food in this house. I am being a good boy and mostly eating my diabetic food, but yesterday I did try some leftover turkey and smoked trout. It was very nice.

I have been getting more used to Cornish Auntie's house. The sofa is very comfortable. So is the big white chair. My favourite place here is still under Cornish Auntie's bed, but I am not allowed to sleep there at night because she said my snoring was keeping her awake. Yesterday morning when she got up and opened her door I was lying outside it with my face pressed to the door, all ready to come in!

It was lovely and sunny here on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. My humans went for a walk on the beach and said the sea was beautiful. They saw some seals and seagulls.

Lots of cats live in this road with Cornish Auntie's neighbours. I have been watching them out of the window. One black cat tried to adopt my mum today but luckily he did not succeed. Cornish Grandma tried to kidnap me yesterday and take me home with her. I'm just so popular.

There is a rumour that tomorrow I might be on the road again, back to Devon Grandma's house. I wonder how long it will be before I get home again?

This is a new Christmas tree ornament my mum made this year. Do you like it?

That is a very nice ornament! You are traveling further than I did last year! I hope you are having fun!
That is a beautiful ornament, Eric. We are so glad you are having fun at your Cornish Auntie's house. We are also glad you are being good and eating your diabetic food. You do not want to be sick. Take it from me!

That's a beeyootiful Chrissymouse ornamunt, and what a beeyootiful pickshure of you with all the foodies! You are such a great-lookin' kitty, Eric -- Momma wants to snorgle alla your floof!

I'm glad you hadded a great Chrissymouse, and we Ballicai wish you and yur fambly a Happy New Year!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
That's a very handsome ornament, Eric. We hope that you had a wonderful Christmas!

The Monsters
Sounds like you are enjoying your visit. A little extra meat shouldn't throw your diabetes off.

You do make a wonderful Christmas ornament.
That is a lovely ornament. Happy Holidays to you Eric!

Thats a great ornament! I'm glad you had a lovely Christmas!
It sounds like you're having a wonderful holiday!
That is a great ornament Eric. I think you are having a wonderful holiday. Be thankful no one dressed you in a shirt!
Pretty ornament Eric!
Soure sounds like you are getting your traveling done. We don't think we would like to do that.
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I think that is the most beautiful Christmas ornament I've ever seen, because it has you in it :-D

I hope you'll be home soon. It sounds stressful to be visiting relatives in their homes over the holiday.
It's very manly!
That is a vewy nice Chwistmas ornament!
How's all the twavewwing going Ewic?
Love the cute ornament.Have a Very Happy and Healthy New Year :)
That's a lovely ornament Eric. Mum sez I snore loud enuff to waken the dead. It must be an Eric thing.
That is a very handsome looking ornament!
That is a very nice ornament, Eric. How lucky you are!
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