Friday, January 18, 2008


Floofy Friday

Hey, is that a bag of Greenies she's holding???

TREATS! I need to bug mum to give me some Greenies. Purrs.
are they better than Tem-tay-shuns?
Eric, how handsome you look waiting so patiently!
Oh, I hope you got some!
Sheesh, MomBean, show some dignity already. Stop going 'SQUEE' and 'MUST RUB FATERIC!CHEST'. Really now...
Is your mom dangling the Greenies over your head so you will look up? My Mommie does that to me all the time.
Our mom started squee-ing when she saw this picture too! She wants to ignore us and rush to London to cuddle and oogle you.
I can totally believe there is greenies there! Someone tagged you to do the meme my kittehs made. You can go to our blog and read the rules from a few days ago.

This is who tagged you....
What ever it is, we hope you were able to get some and enjoy it!
Hehe Greenies make me wake up too.
Oh we loves the Greenies! They are so so good!!
You are looking particularly gorgeous today. :)
You definitely deserve greenies for that great photo!


Gypsy & Tasha
What a very nice photo.

Hi Eric,

We have never had Greenies before. We will have to make Mom go get some. We love that glamour shot of you. We gave you an award. Come by our blog to pick it up.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie
Hi Eric we tagged you furr a meme if you can drag yourself away furrom those Greenies furr long enuff.
Mommy wants to give you a huge hug!
Yeah, we recogniz certain pouchs wif our treats in them. But we recogniz the sound of them bein opened efen better and when we cant efen see'em.

We efen dance aroun when we hear that sound (embarassin but true).

Hope ya got some of those greenies!
I hope it was, and that you got some!
Whatever it is, it has your manly interest. You are so floofy, and handsome!

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