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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone. I hope 2008 is a good year for all of us.
Phew, I am so glad to be back in my own house. I mean, it has been interesting visiting Cornish Auntie and Devon Grandma, but I have had FOUR long car journeys! On Friday my humans lured me out from under Cornish Auntie's bed with cheese and greenies and threw me in the Evil Cat Carrier and drove me back to Devon Grandma's house, where we stayed for two nights. I got lots more fuss from Devon Grandma and Uncle Sim and Auntie Jan. Then on Sunday my humans put everything back in the car AGAIN and said it was time to go home, but I wasn't sure if I believed them that we were really going home this time, or just to yet another place, so I hid behind Devon Grandma's sofa where I like to sleep because there is a radiator there and it is very cosy. The humans tried to lure me out with food again but it didn't work because I had already caught sight of the Evil Cat Carrier lying in wait with its door open. Eventually they ganged up on me and moved the sofa and managed to catch me as I fled into the next room. I wasn't at all happy about another journey so I meowed most of the way back to London (it takes about four hours from Devon Grandma's house back to London) although I fell asleep going round the M25. If anyone saw a little blue car with Scratchy Mouse lying on the parcel shelf looking out of the rear window, that was us! Finally we were home and I was SO happy to be in my own house at last. But then I was unhappy because I was hungry and it took my humans ages to unload the car and my food bowls were almost the last thing to be unloaded so I waited in the kitchen going "Feed me, feed me, don't you know I have been through a terrible ordeal?"

But I am home now. And my food bowls are home. And my litter box is home. And my Scratchy Mouse is home. And all is well. (My mum says my luggage takes up a lot of space in the car, but you should see all the presents and stuff they brought back with them!)

When we got home there was a lot of post waiting for us including some more Christmas cards for me from Derby and from Missy and KC and from The Meezers and from The Tower Hill Mob. I felt very lucky.

This morning when we were all still in bed snoozing after our journey, the postman rang the front door bell at early o'clock and he had three more parcels! And two of them were for me! One was a parcel from Monty which he had been worried was lost, and the other one was my Secret Paws presents which were from Kashim and Othello! You would not BELIEVE how many toys and treats were inside those two parcels! Thank you so much, Monty, Kashim and Othello.

I have lots of photos of me on my travels to share, and some photos of me opening my presents, but will post those later. I have LOTS to tell! We just saw in the New Year here in London; my humans had champagne and I had Feline Greenies. Now I need to nap. As you can see, Scratchy Mouse and I are furry happy to be home.

Have a Happy New Year! Love Henry, Clyde and Charlotte Helton!
Happy New Year!!!

Luf, Us
We're glad yer home and we look forward ta seein the pictures of the loooong trip!
Oh, Fat Eric! Mom said "what a wonderful cat belly" about that floofy photo of you! You have some of the best fur around!

Happy New Year! 2008 is gonna be GREAT!

That sounds like a very stressful trip for you - especially the last one home. We hope you weren't too tramatized. We hope you have a very Happy New Year.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie
Welcome back home Eric. You mightn't have enjoyed all that traveling, but at least you weren't left home alone. We enjoyed meeting you at Dr. Tweety's party last night.We are looking forward to seeing your pikchurs of you and your family at Chris Mouse and wiv all your goodies furrom Monty and Kashim and Othello.Happy New Year to you and your Beans.
Welcome back Fat Eric! :) Happy New Year! :)
Happy New Year! I sure am glad you are back home with your Scratchy Mouse.
Hey, Fat Eric,

We dropped by from Monty Q's to meet you.

We're glad you are back home and you got your Christmas packages. Enjoy.

jan's funny farm
We are so happy your ordeal is over!
Happy New Year to our dear floofy friend!
What an ordeal. I can't believe they made you wait for food. That's just inhumane.
Happy New Year and glad that you are home. Enjoyed partying with you last night.
Oh man, Fat Eric, just hearing about all of your car trips makes me a little queasy. I'm glad you got your food bowls and scratchy mouse and every thing back in order, buddy. Happy New Year!
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Happy New Year!
HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YA AND YOUR FAMILY! Much happiness in the new year ahead.
I am glad you are home and happy! I hope your 2008 is wonderful!
KC said...
O, Eric, what a wonnerful tummy shot of u's. Sounds like u's reely glad to be back at home. So Scratchy Mouse accompanied u's on ur trip. Glad u's gotted our card, be that was fun bringing all tha prezzies home.
Happy Noo Year,
Love & Purrs, KC & Missy
Happy NEW YEar Fat Eric!!!!! It waz great fun at da partee wit you!!!!!!
Happy New Year! Yoo is one traveling boy. Glad you are back at home and hope you and yur family have a great year!
Happy New Year! We loved hearing about your trip!
Happy New Year! You are one big happy ball of fur.
Welcome home, and a Happy New Year to you!
Happy New Year Eric - so glad you're home
A Very Happy New year, Eric!! We wish you and your family much love, joy and happiness in 2008!

I just read about the holiday trip, and I understand that you are glad to be home. Nothing sleeps better than your own bed..., at home.:)

~Ruis & the kitties at the Catwalk
~Henny & Marlene (our staff)
Happy Happy Mew Year to you, Eric and of course, your family too! We can't wait to see your pictures but for now your floofy tummy is perfection!

Purrrrrrrrs, China Cat & Willow
MomCat and the Big Janitor
A very happy new year and all the very very best to you!!!
The Cat Realm
Happy Noo Yeer Fat Eric! Home is the best :)
Thank you for your kind purrs, Eric.

love and purrs,
Thank heavens that ordeal is over! We think being home is awesome!!

Happy New Year!!!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
Happy New Year Eric! I'm glad you're home and can finally rest from all that traumatic travel!!!

I hope you had a good christmas! my OTW wants to smoosh her face in your floofy belly!


Did you get any treats yet? Did you bean like her treats?
I'm glad you made it back home safe! That is a really cool Scratcy Mouse, momma thinks she has seen one like it at a giant store called Ikea. I may send her hunting for one, though she said it will be a while because we got sooo many Christmas gifts was are through for a long time. ~Queen Snickers
I'm glad you're home, too! That was a lot of traveling.

Happy New Years to you and your family :-D
you look like you live the life! Awww eric, whats it likes overs seas?!

Welcome back home, Eric. My, what excitement you had. My only visit was to the vet. After that it was home sweet home. Glad you got your Secret Paws and Monty's gift.

I'm glad you are back, Fat Eric! My momma loves that pickshure of yur floofy tum. Happy New Year to you and yur fambly -- I hope it's the bestest year yet!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Happy New Year, Eric! I'm glad your ordeal is finally over!
Glad you're finally home. Happy New Year from all of us!
Happy Happy New Year~!
I wish you have the best 2008~!
Pwesents! It's good to be home isn't it?
That was some car trip! You're very brave to go all that way so that all of your family get to hang out and spend time with you! We don't think we could handle a four hour drive, so we're very impressed with your stamina! How dare your humans not rush to feed you as soon as you got home - where are their priorities?

Thanks so much for visiting us and inviting us to join The Gorgeous Gingers - we're very honoured and Mum just love ALL orange kitties,

Purrs and Headbutts

Gypsy & Tasha
I can relax like that too Eric...
The cruise has started!
Come on over and check out our cabin at the Antarctic cruise ship!!!
Karl and Ruis
Hoping to hear some of your travel stories soon... happy new year from me and all the Good Cats!
It sounds like you had a fine time visiting your family, but it's always good to get home.

You're looking particularly floofy, Eric. Have your found a new brand of volumizing mousse?
Thank you for your good wishes yesterday. I am doing much better. Dragonheart
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