Thursday, January 24, 2008


It's My 2nd Blogoversary!

Yes, it's true - looking down my sidebar to my blogoversary counter, I see that it is exactly 2 years since I became a blogging cat. What a lot has happened since my first ever post. Although I notice that some of my friends who left comments on my first post are still my blogging friends today, which is nice.

What's more, I just noticed that this is actually my 222nd post in total, which seems rather appropriate for a 2nd blogoversary, don't you think?

In honour of my blogoversary, here's a special moving photo of me in my blogoversary outfit. (As you can see, Her Majesty The Queen was kind enough to lend me something special to wear for the day). I hope the picture works and you can see the full effect!

Here's to the next year...

King Eric

Happy Blogoersary Eric!!! Here is to many more years my handsome ginger friend. I love the picture of you.

Happy Blogoversary!!!
wow, 2 whole years! happy blogoversary, fat eric!

yuki & kimiko & kintaro
Wow! Happy Blogaversary, Eric! You look very handsome wearing the crown jewels!
Hail hail to King Eric! Happy Blogoversarrry Eric. We can't believe it's been two years. That is about as long as we've been blogging too. We are so glad that we have our own little community, it certainly has grown in the past two years, hasn't it? YOU Look so handsome in your crown.

Happy Scong Blogoversay!!May you have many more.
Woohoo 2 years and yoor 222nd post, concatulations! Dang, dat is amazing. Dat crown looks really good on yoo, maybe yoor mom should get yoo one of yoor furry own.
You look great Eric! We just passed our second anniversary too, although I am not sure exactly what day I started blogging! Congratulations!
Happy 2nd blogoversary, Eric :-D
::clap, clap:: Bravo!!

Congratulations on your second blogoversary!!
-Jasper McKitten-Cat
KC said,
O, Eric, you are so handsom, an even more so in that lovely crown. Wow, it glitters.
Happy 2nd Blogoversary and here's to many, many more.
Love & Purrs, KC
Congratulations Fat Eric. That is a very big accomplishment. And congratulations also on the 222 posts. Woohoo. We didn't find out about kitty blogs until about a year and a half ago, but we have been faithful readers ever since.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie
HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow!! 2 years!!!! You are a real pro! I hope you blog for lots & lots of years too :)
Purrs Mickey
Happy, Happy Blogiversary, Eric, and many, many more to come! We've really enjoyed knowing you since we started blogging a little over a year ago. Me, especially, because you're one of the few kitties who is even bigger than me!

& all your Artsy Catsy friends
Happy Blogoversary Eric. We wish you many many more!!
Happy second bloggiversary, Eric! It was very kind of the Queen to let you borrow her crown. Only thing is, now my sisters want their own!

Can't the Queen give you a special holiday, too? That would be pretty neat...Eric Day, where everybody could just nap and stuff!
HAPPY BLOGOVERRSREY!!!!! It's also the FL and Mr TF's anniversrey today: a banner day all arownd!!!!

PEE ESS: I LOVE yer tiara!!!!
oh eric you look divine in that crown - far better than the Queen looks! Don't tell Grandmother I said that, pleeeeaaaase!!

Happy blogaversery!
It was very nice of her majesty to lend you that wonderful outfit - you look wonderful!

Congratulations on your Blogaversary and 222nd post! We haven't been around since the beginning, but we're glad we found you.
Happy 2nd Blogoversary to you Fat Eric! And your 222 Post! How cool is tat!! We love your crown and all the flashies above you. So nice of the Queen to lend it to you for the day!!
Here's to many, many, many more!!!
Your FL furiends,
Happy 2nd blogoversary Eric. You look very regal and sparkly. We wish you many more blogoversaries, and thank you furr getting us started.
Happy Blogiversary, King Eric the Fat. Lotsa twos fur you today!
Furry nice bling! Purrs!
Concatulashuns on yore second blogoversary - that is a splendid tiara yoo are waring. I now live in thuh howse that English Daisy used to live in - I tiptoed in frum the back garden wun day, and never went away!
Happy Blogoversary Fat Eric! It's been great to get to know you! Here's to another year! ~Queen Snickers
Congratulations and happy Blogoversary, King Eric!
Concatulations Eric on your Blogoversary and the 222 post. It was fitting that the Queen give up some of her bling for you.

With all of the 2's, do you think your beans need to by a lottery ticket?
happy 2nd blogoversary Eric.
Happy 2nd blogoversary, Eric!! And you look very Royal today! Of course the picture works, when Her Majesty lent something she makes sure we see the full effect! :-)

Happy Blogiversary!!!

That is SOME FANCY crown!

Auntie Spooker
& the whole bunch of us
@ Purrchance To Dream
You look very regal and dashing today, Fat Eric - happy 2nd bloggerversary!

~Donny, Marie, Casey
Happy, happy blogoversary and 222nd post! How nice that Her Majesty recognizes your contribution and lent you one of her many sparklies. Definitely very regal and super, super dashing and handsome!
Happy Blogaversary Eric!! We is so happy that you are our friend
Happy Blogoversary, buddy! Lookin' large and in charge with the crown, too.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Happy blogoversary, Eric! Do you get to keep Her Majesty's crown? If she asks for it back, tell her you'll return it in exchange for a knighthood. That's what I'd do. Hmm... Sir Pablo...
Happy Blogoversary Eric :) We will get dexter to get a picture for the Gingers soon. Our mommy has a thing for your beauty mark on your cheek, hehe.
Happy blogoversery Eric!!
You is a great leader of us gingers.
Mine mombean sez I don't have any jewels. They gotted lost when I lost my hoo-has. I guess ya just can't take valuables when ya goes to the vet.
A 2ND Bloggieversarey? Cool!

Many more, we hope!
You look wonderful in your sparkly crown! Happy Blogaversary! We love reading about your life in England and the stories you tell and link us to. Hope you keep it up for many years to come!
Your friends in Arkansas, USA
Ozzy, Alice, Bootsie, Freckles, Lola & Dandelo
Happy blogoversary Eric - you sure is a sooperstar in the cat blogosphere and I looks forward to many more posts from you.

I is glad the Queen popped over and dropped off a crown for you.

Sending you warm summer wishes from New Zealand and lots of purrs.

Poppy Q and mum
eric, you look regal...simply regal. and how appropriate for your blogoversary!

ben & lucy
We are putting pictures in your mailbox...
Congrats Eric!
We are so glad we met you!
Happy Blogaversary, Eric. You look very nice with the Queen's jewels, and they sparkled quite nicely.

G'day Eric, belated concatulations on your second blogoversary! That sure is some nice bling that you're wearing in that photo - very appropriate. 222 posts - you're a fine ginger role model for all kitties everywhere.

Purrs & headbutts

Gypsy & Tasha
Happy 2 yr bloggie-versary!
Eric, sorry we missed the actual day, but belated happy blogiversary anyway! Interesting to see our comment about us being 14 lb. each. We seem to have put on a bit of weight in 2 years, since we both weigh more now.

George & Max
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