Saturday, January 05, 2008


My Presents, part 1

So, I've been nagging my mum to download some photos from the flashy box so I could show you some of the good stuff I got given. She's been making feeble excuses about being busy and going back to work after the holidays, etc, etc, but finally I got her organised.

I got so many presents! I got presents from my Mericky cousins Fred and Barney (the cats who own my Uncle Sim; I promise to blog about them sometime), I got presents from my new Mericky cousin Baxter (about whom I also really must blog), I got presents from my own humans, of course, I got my Secret Paws presents from Kashim, I got a box of stuff from Monty and a lovely snuggle from Queen Snickers which was my prize from Opus and Roscoe's raffle competition.

My mum says she will not need to buy me treats for months and months. And (from various different sources mentioned above) I have six whole bags of my favourite Greenies, which as you know they do not make in the UK so I haven't had any for ages. I am very happy about this.

Here are some photos of me opening some of my presents:

Here I am rubbing myself on the box that my Secret Paw, Kashim, sent me, all the way from Vienna! It smelt really interesting.

Look at all this stuff! Lots and lots of treats I never saw before with German writing on them. One of them was dried fish which really smelt good. And toys too! I am spoilt for choice. Thank you VERY much, Kashim, you are an amazing Secret Paw!

This is the box that Monty sent me. Look at those Greenies! Oh, er, and as soon as my mum unpacked them I climbed straight into the box. Isn't that a great box? I really like it a lot. I expect Monty knew that I would. Monty sent my mum some treats too, I think she was very happy about that. She has been eating chocolate-covered cherries ever since...

And inside the box Monty had used these carrier bags for packaging - I jumped on them and started trying to kill them. This picture is a bit fuzzy because I was rolling around playing. We thought even the bags were interesting because they came from shops we don't have here.

Thank you so much, Monty! You are very generous.

Next time I will put up some photos of the snuggle Queen Snickers sent for me. I feel very lucky to have all these gifts.

Woweee Eric! You did get some good stuff there. Enjoy all of your treats and toys. Even the carry bags.
Eric that's lovely! What fun for you and your folks. :) I really enjoyed reading about it. :)
MomBean didn't belive me when I said the box was the best part. Beans.

I'm glad your Mom liked the chocolates, let me know if she wants more! (Or if you run out of FG's!)
What lovely gifts, Eric, we didn't know you were a fan of Greenies...
Wow! What a lot of wonderful stuff you got Eric. I think that is a fine box you settled in!
That some great stuff you've got there. Love the way you checked out the box - like Monty Q said, the box is the best part! Greenies are good to eat - we have them here in Australia, and they're delicious! Enjoy your presents,


Gypsy & Tasha

PS We'll send you a photo for the Gorgeous Gingers as soon as Mum finds one of us that she's happy with.
Oh Eric! Monty sure can pick great gifts!
Eric, you got some great loot! And you deserve to have lots of presents.
Wow, Eric! I never imagined such a floofy kitty could fit into such a little box...but you did it!

Wowee Eric you hit the jackpot with all your great gifts. Silly Beans, they never seem to realise that boxes are furr playing in too.
those are great pressies Fat Eric, what a stash of greenies you haf now ~The FLUffy Tribe
Goodness! That's a lot of presents! You must have been a super good boy this year. Great Secret Paws pictures!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
You got lots of great presents! You are a lucky cat :-D
G'day Eric,

Hope you're having fun with all those toys. I (Gypsy) have tagged you for the 7 Weird Things Meme. Come on over to our blog to read about it.


Gypsy & Tasha
Very nice gifts!
Wow, Eric, you are one lucky dud!!! wspecially when we look at your head line: My presents PART 1!!!!
DOn't miss to check out our adventures in Antarctica - today we saw penguins, tomorrow we will have a surprise visitor and Thursday we will have a BIG party!!!!!!
Gosh Eric, you really raked in the loot! Good work, my friend.

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