Monday, February 11, 2008


Caught In The Act

Dum de dum de dum de dum...this is a great way of spending an afternoon, sharpening my mancat claws on the laundry basket...scritch, scritch, scritch...look how shredded this basket is already!...scritch scritch scritch...faster, faster, till my claws are just a blur!...scritch, scritch, scr- Uh oh. I think she caught me. My only hope now is to blind her with the laser eyes...

Ooops, yes I think you have been caught! If the laser eyes don't blind her then just look really cute and tilt your head, she will melt and all will be forgiven!
Eric, nice work with the laser eyes - but if that doesn't work, then like Kellie said, go with the 'looking cute' option and work it for all you're worth.


Gypsy & Tasha
If all else fails, look cute. Otherwise, it is your mum's fault for buying a basket that you love to scratch.
Tell the beans that scratching on the basket is better than the sofa, or hacking up something icky in the bathroom.
It's for laundry? It looks like it is made to be your scratching post! I like how your little scratching feet are a blur.
Ya could alsa try to lend in wif da bastyset. Looks ike same colors ae ya.
at least it's not the couch!!!
The Meezers are right, at least it's not the couch. Though I don't think you will be able to sweet meow your way out of this one.

That would gets me a timeout.
Mom says you look so cute there laying on your back. Your cute look might work on our Mom.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie
You might get away with it because you're looking awfully cute and floofy, even with the laser eyes! I had to use my laser eyes today too - some plumbers were making too much noise at my house.

Purrrrrs, China Cat
Not yoor fawlt, it looks to good fur scratching to not be scratched. Sadie did that to the side of the loveseat, the corner of the sofa and the arm of the sofa and she barely gots in trouble.
I do that too on the closet hamper!
Um, I don't see you don't anything wrong. What's your Mum's problem??
blind her and run!!!!
Dear Fat Eric,

You are amazingly cute and fat! I wish I could hug you and ruffle your furrr. :3

Take care and watch your glucose level okay kitty! :)

Did the lasers work? If so maybe we'll try that next time we get caught skritching the carpet!
Yoo tell her dat's how yoo get yur exercise. Yur little pawsies are going so fast yoo musta burned lots of calories!
Hehe, yep looking cute has to be the best option.
Ya were caught but I need to know if the laser eyes did the trick????
Hope you have a happy Valentine's Day tomorrow. Be sure to stop over as I have Valentine's gifts for all.
Hi Eric!

Nice work on the basket. In a few weeks you'll have that thing shredded to smithereens.

Happy Valentine's Day! You will always be my Valentine. You are so big and handsome and, well... manly.

Opps! Those were some mighty scwitches! And powerful waser eyes!
We've had our computer in the repair show since monday, and I logged on with a borrowed on today and saw your comment about Scooby being not the svelte sexy mancat he pretends to be! He's a 16 pounder and the vet nags him to diet too! But the picture really does exaggerate it a little. Good job on the basket, friend! -Shaggy
Happy Valentines Day, Eric
Happy Valentines Eric from all of us....

Abby, Boo, Ping, Jinx and Gracie
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