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The earth moved last night, it really did! OK, it didn't move very much here, because the centre of the quake was in Lincolnshire, but the earthquake could be felt where we live. It happened last night just before 1 a.m. when we were all in bed. My dad was asleep and my mum was dozing and nearly asleep and I was dozing too. Suddenly the bed started to shake a little bit. My mum said to my dad and me, "Is one of you shaking the bed?" but I said it wasn't me and dad didn't say anything because he was still asleep and missed it all. After about five or six seconds the bed stopped shaking and mum thought maybe she had imagined it and she and I went to sleep. When the radio alarm went off this morning all the people on the radio were talking about the earthquake and my mum realised that is what we must have felt.

I know some cats live in places that get REALLY BIG earthquakes but this one was quite big enough for us, thank you.

You can read all about The Great British Earthquake here.

P.S. Thank you to my friends who asked if we were OK!


Oh my gosh! I'm so glad you're OK! I would have been scared if the earth shook under me. You're very brave to have calmly replied to your mommy that it wasn't you.
Good to hear that you're all OK. SS gets all uptight about earthquakes. She works in Iran where they specialize in disastrous ones.
Oh No how scary! So glad that you are all o.k. Hope you got some extra treats to help ease the pain.
We read about that! I'm glad you're all okay ...
How scary!
I am glad that all of you are ok.
I would have been screaming in fear!
Oh my goodness - we used to have earthquakes before we moved to Michigan. I like that the ground doesn't shake here!

Glad you're all ok!
Earthquakes *are* scary!!
I know coz I's live in Cat-i-forina and we gets them all the time. Mostly I don't feel them any more, but mine mombean keeps my PTU out and ready to go just in case.

I'm glad that you are the beans are OK.
Oh, and lots of treats always makes it better.
That is why mom and dad din't stay in sez dat da only place yoo are (she feels) safe in a erfkwake is flying in da air. Course tornado's aren't dat much fun either but at least if yoo go in yoor basement yoo'll be okay...glad yoo guys are okay too!
I have an online friend who is about 80 miles north of London and she felt it a bit more! We thought about you when she told us. I am glad you are okay and unfased.

Did you get some treats for all that shaking? I mean you could have made like you were just shaking and faint from hunger, Eric!
Last one I felt was in the 4's on the scale that was a few years ago. Welcome to California...never knew you were visiting did you?
Glad you are OK, mum has the BBC news on the TV tonight to see the reports. They showed brick layers working on a chimney.

Stay safe!
Wow! That is amazing. Mom read the article. We are all so glad that you are okay and not close to the epicenter. I don't think I would like that.

Roxy & Lucky
we are so glad you are ok Eric
Eric, that is very scary, and we're so glad you and your family are okay! I think I would have gone into the closet and never come back out!

We live near the Madrid Fault in the US midwest and they keep saying we're due for "the big one." My mom says we had several quakes here before my time, and in one of them her refrigerator moved across the floor. Phew, I'm glad I wasn't here yet! I would have been very upset if an earthquake interfered with my FOOD!

WOW!!! That is so scary!!! I am so glad you and your family are OK!!!!! We just saw that on TV this evening.
Purrs to you Eric.
Purrs Mickey
Hi Eric...

How very exciting.

We didn't feel the earth move but it must have been pretty weird.
The earth shook??? Did the Giant Kitty jumped too near your house or what? That's scary! Take care!
Wow! Mom experienced a little earthquake once when she was visiting Vermont, and she didn't like it at all. She can't imagine living in Catifornia.
Quakes can be scary, I'm glad you're all okay!
My human sister is living and studying in Reading, England. Mommy & Daddy were really upset when they heard about the earthquake. Tatum felt the quake!

Ahhhh.....glad you are safe!
We read about your earthquake in the papers here. So glad to hear you're OK!
Wow! You were in a real earthquake! That sounds very scairty. My Mommie grew up in California and she was in some there, but I have never been in an earthquake myself. I would probably hide under the bed.
So scary!
We didn't know you have earthquakes there.
I am glad you're all okay.
I's glad we don't get earfquakes in Whiskonsin. But der was an ice quake bout a monf ago! If the ice on the lakes freezes an thaws fast, it can shift an crash an feel like a quake. We didn't feel it, but downtown did.

PS Smug DEFNITLY describes Bonnie in her bed! Purrs!
This is so weird, because we were still up at 1 a.m. and didn't feel a thing - and we're only about 5 miles from you. The first we knew was on the News next morning. But we're glad you're alright.
We are glad you are okay. We have been thru really BIG ones here. The last big one we had Mom couldn't hold us and hang on at the same time, so she got banged around a bit.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie
Eric, we were just over at the Gorgeous Gingers to look at the members and your link to Eric & Flynn goes to Angus!
Ooh scary we are glad your are safe!
That must have been scary for you and your Mum. We had a very tiny small earthquake here and since then my sisfur, Miss Emily will run under the bed when a big truck goes down the road.
We are glad you are OK!

~ Gracie
Oh glad it wasn't worse.
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