Friday, February 29, 2008


Floofy Friday

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Eric, that's a wonderful floofy tummy you've got there.It makes mum go all silly. She wants to kiss it and bury her face in it. Not that we're jealous of course.
How's your diet going? Mum's just bought a new bag of out ProPlan light, but we've had enough of it and we are refusing to eat any more of it.
what a fabulous tummy! mommy wants to reach thru the screen and pet it like crazy. i checked in the dictionary by floofy, and your picture was there!
Happy Friday and Happy Leap Day, your Floofiness!
You are wonderfully floofy, Eric. Absolutely wonderful.

Roxy & Lucky
Mom says she wants to stick her face in your tummy furs and kiss you all over. You are very floofy. Mom has never had a floofy cat.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie
You have the most impressive floof I have ever seen. And your furs look a little bit curly, too!
Rudy is weeping with jealousy!
I wove your fwoof!
Oh Eric, you are even floofier than I am! Momma wants to rub your floofy tummy (but don't let her she might decide you need a shave or a trim!)

You gorgeous boy!
MOL! Yer naturally floofy!
That is some serious foofiness!

Sheesh, MomBean. Control yourself!
Mom's all googly eyed over this picture of you Eric! She wants to rub that white belly!
That's a whole lot of floof!
My mom says she wants to kiss your belly. She tries to do that to mine but I bite her.
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