Friday, February 22, 2008


Flowery Friday - Spring Has Sprung!

Usually my blog features pictures of handsome me. But today I thought you might like to see some pictures suggesting that Spring may actually have Sprung around here. The frosts seem to have gone away again and today is windy but warmer. I know some of my friends in far-away places are still up to their tails in snow, so maybe you would like to take a tour and see how my garden is looking today?

Let's start at the front gate. On top of the wall by the front gate there are some crocuses out.
Near the front gate there are some winter hellebores and winter jasmine still flowering.
On either side of the front door there is a pot that looks like this:
Meanwhile in the back garden it is starting to look more spring-like. Let's walk down to the bottom of the garden. By the back fence the quince has blossom on it. Last year my mum made quince jelly for the first time. You can see the roof of our neighbour's house behind.
My dad's rhubarb plant is looking quite healthy. Maybe in a few months my humans will be eating rhubarb and custard! (I love custard).
The first daffodils are in flower in the back garden. But there are lots more only in bud, not out yet.
And more crocuses not out yet.
My mum has some pots of bulbs on the patio where we can see them out of the window. There are more crocuses, hyacinths, etc. I like looking at them but I wouldn't go outside today because it was too windy and my fur was getting blown about and untidy. I'm going to make an official declaration - in our garden, Spring has finally Sprung!


Oh you garden looks wonderful Eric - it makes us wish for spring (but we had more snow last night)!

We left an award for the Gorgeous Gingers on our blog, please stop by and grab it!
Oh please enter our Spring has Sprung contest! All entries help earn money for project HAM What fabulous pictures!! Spring has Sprung!

Where is the pot of catnip?
Oh Eric, lovely, just lovely! But...I see no 'Nip! Why not???

Everything looks so's damp and overcast here today...

It just made my human want to go back to London!
You have some very beautiful flowers in your garden!
What lovely flowers! It is snowing here... again.
Mum loves the daffs the best!
How come there's no picture of the "big orange flower" in the garden?
Oh yes, Spring has definately sprung at your house. We still have a bit of snow on the ground under the trees and on the shady side of the house. I long for springtime, it is my favourite time of year, sigh.....

Perhaps I will teleport over to your house and we can take a walk in your garden, although your Mum will have to snoopervise me as I am an inside only kitty.
My, your garden is quite lovely! So much color and variety!
Ahhh! Just beautiful!
Fantastic! I am so ready for spring! Those are lovely flowers ...
Oh yeah I am still up to my tail in snow. Actually it may be higher than that, but I don't go outside.

Mum remembers the last time she was in the UK, it snowed the day she got there. March 10, 2004. The poor flowers were cold in the snow.
Your flowers are looking lovely Eric. We have had crocuses and snowdrops and daffodils here. The wild daffodils have finished now, but all the garden ones are now flowering. We saw primroses in our woods when we were walking today.
Dear Eric, your garden is lovely. Your flowers are beautiful and I "sniff, sniff" hate you. It's SNOWING here AGAIN! But thank you very much for showing me that EVENTUALLY, spring will come. (I don't hate you. But I wouldn't mind visiting you and lying in that garden.)

Wow, it really IS Spring in yer yard!

We hadda few crocuses come up last week, but we got some snow now an the trees is all icy!
No catnip plants for you?
Beautiful...and yes, be sure they also plant plenty of catnip!!
So beautiful :-) Thanks for sharing your pictures. I can't wait until it starts looking like that around here.
What pretty flowers.
Lovely garden you have there! We don't have much except roses, daisies, flowering plum, jasmine and pots and pots of orchids. SS is a lousy gardener.
Your yard is a welcome sight, Eric. We're so cold and snowy and will be getting 8" more tonight! Can we come over?
What a beautiful garden! We don't have any snow here but everything is still dead and brown in my garden. ~Queen Snickers
I bet those flowers smell (and taste) very wonderful. I cannot wait for spring to umm.. spring here, too!
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