Wednesday, February 06, 2008


A Grovelling Apology From My Human

Right mum, time to get over here and make a grovelling apology.

Yes, Eric.

Because you have to apologise to all the
Gorgeous Gingers for failing to do your job, don't you?

Yes, Eric, I'm very sorry, Eric.

Come on now, admit what you did to the whole blogosphere.

Come on, own up!!! that some of your Gorgeous Ginger friends had sent their pictures to you, Eric, to add to the
Gorgeous Gingers page. And the folder of pictures on the computer for rather a long time.

Now come on, admit it - HOW LONG had some of my friends been waiting for their pictures to be added to the GG page? November? (speaking very quickly) butI'mverysorryEricanditwillnever happenagainhonest.

It had better not! Now, have you made sure that all the
Gorgeous Ginger cats who sent us their photos have been added to the page?

Yes, Eric.

And who are the newest members of our wonderfully handsome ginger gang?

Er...William's brother
Russell...floofy Goldie...Manx ginger Mr. Poot...handsome Sandy...Yuki and Kimiko's brother Kintaro...and ginger siblings 3Perf and Winton!

And how many Gorgeous Gingers are on our page now?

Well Eric, you'll be happy to know that there are now EIGHTY-SEVEN members of the Gorgeous Gingers, plus fifteen Rainbow Gingers.

That is a LOT of gingery gorgeousness! And do you promise that any other ginger friends who sign up and send us their photos will be added to the page STRAIGHT AWAY?

Yes Eric. Whatever you say Eric. I'm very sorry Eric.

All right, I accept your apology and I hope my fellow Gingers can find it in their hearts to forgive you too. Now give me some tuna!

Goodness Eric, you are such a task master to your mum. But I hope she has learned her lesson.

Wow. 87 GG's woohoooo.
Sometimes mum's need a sharp reminder and a whap to let them know they are doing something wrong. Good job Eric!!!
Wow you have her trained well!
Eric, I think tuna is the least she can do after letting you down like that. Doesn't she see how badly that reflects on you? Doesn't she understand you have your pride?

Tuna in crystal is to be demanded!
Hmmm, I think your mom owes you big time. I think tuna is a good payment.

wow Eric, I am impressed. I think you are a kind and fair boss to have let your mum lax for so long and still forgive her. Perhaps some toona will help you feel better as well.

I think you Gingers are stunning!!
Oh dear! You have a difficult job Ewic! And there are weawwy a wot of gingewy goodness!
Don't be too hard on your mum, Eric. She does feed you, after all!
It's so hard to train humans, Eric. All the gingers are great though.
your bud Pepi
It will not do to get the Gorgeous Gingers mad at you, Mum. Eric is strict but he's an awfully cute taskmaster isn't he?
Well you told her Eric! But it sounds like she's good and sorry, so maybe she needs a bit of ginger love now?
That's a lot of gingerness! I'm sure the new Gingers will forgive your mum!
Wow, there are 87 of us in the Gorgeous Gingers club - that's alot of us gingers!
Oh no, Jake read your blog before me. He can't stop prancing around the place wanting to know if HE is a Gorgeous Ginger. You better hope he doesn't really qualify because that boy is ANNOYING. Oh well, I better let him click on your linkie or else who knows what the guy will do to me. Are all gingers so
opps are comment went away. Hi Fat Eric-mom got 3 Perf while she was working on a tv show with 3 Perf cameras. The perfs are the holes in the film cameras she was using, her cameras would pulldown 3 Perfs per movement (the other is 4 perf). 3 perf saves a bit of money by using less film because as the camera is running the movement is only pulling down thru the film gate 3 perfs rather than 4 perfs....does that help? Mom is a film geek-but we still love her.

Kodak, 3 Perf and Winton
You sure keep your mom in line don't you? Good job

Shelby aka the fatman
I think we should accept her apology if (and only if) she gifs ya really good treats on behalf of allus Gingers and show picture proof ofit!

That's a lot of Gingers. Doing well to keep your human in line!
Wow, you are quite the mancat to forgive your mum! And that is a lot of gingers in the club, that is awesome! Too bad we are meezers ... hee hee! Stop buy and see us, we have an award for you!
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
Hi Eric! I am doing a cat tournament!!! All you have to do is take a picture of your cat with your hand showing a thumbs up sign(for proof that it is really your cat). I will be taking the first 32 cat pictures and the tournament will start once I get all 32 pictures. The winner of the Tournament will receive 32 dollars!!! I will pay through paypal but if you don’t have paypal we can work something else out. Your cat picture will go up against another person’s cat picture and depending on how many votes your picture gets compared to your opponents will determine who moves on to the next round. If your interested send your picture to along with the NAME of your Cat. Join fast before the 32 spots are filled up!!!
Eric, you are one very forgiving cat. Now, you've reminded us that our Mum has so far "forgotten" to forward our photos to you for inclusion in the Gorgeous Gingers - where are her priorities. We're going to follow your fine example and have some stern words with her. What's with the "I've been too busy" excuse anyway - attending to the cats' every need should happen before anything else.

Purrs & thanks for the reminder,

Gypsy & Tasha
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