Sunday, February 03, 2008


Sofa Wars

We have a bit of an "issue" in our house at the moment. My dad and I are fighting over who gets to sit on the sofa. We do have chairs and other places to sit, you understand, but my dad and I both like the sofa best. We have tried sharing it but we both really prefer to have it to ourselves. When my dad is sitting or lying on the sofa I sit next to it and give him a Very Hard Stare and go, "Mow, mow". My mum says, "Eric wants to sit on the sofa," and my dad says "Well, he can't, he was lying on it all day when I was at work and now it's my turn." I wait until he gets up to make a cup of tea or look for the remote controls and then I jump on the sofa like lightning and stake my claim.

Yesterday he wouldn't get off the sofa for ages and ages and I got tired of waiting for him to get off so I jumped on his stomach and then squeezed between him and the back of the sofa and started pushing him off, and then sat on his chest and waved my tail in his face. He got the message.

Of course the sofa should be mine - look how comfortable I am on it!

Eric, I agree. It is very clear that the sofa belongs to you. Good job squeezing your dad off the sofa!
I don't understand the "issue" If you want the sofa, the sofa is yours. I'm glad your mommy is on your side too. Mommys are also good at getting daddys to move. I'm not sure you need any help tho...great strategy!

I can't wait to hear more sofa adventures!
Hi Eric, Have you and your dad worked on a treaty or agreement where you can share the sofa? My kitties and I loved to share the sofa and would lounge together. Snuggling with a kitty is fabulous!!
That is a big issue. Too bad you and your Dad can't share the sofa together. That's what Sunny and his Daddy do.
Hmmm, mum sits on one end, I am on the other. So we share. But sometimes I take over her end. She gets it all nice and warm.

Oh well, too bad you can't share like we do. But mum sits on the sofa, she is not laying down!
What is it wif da dad's laying on da sofa! Why can't dey sit up like regular peepul and leeve us da other end...even if mom wants to lay on da sofa she leeves room fur us. Dad's, I feer is just selfish.
Clearly... it is yours!
Now who in their right mind would not willingly give up their spot on the sofa to such a floofy manly cat? Maybe you can get your dad a little sofa just for him and you can keep the big one?
Eric, it is very clear that your dad does not fully understand cat rules. You must give him a refresher course in "Everything Belongs to the Cat 101"

Well it's obviously your sofa, since it's in your house - why doesn't your Dad understand this simple fact. Good work on reclaiming it!


Gypsy & Tasha
You do look very comfy. I find that the males of the species are very difficult to train and really are not very respectful. Good luck getting yours to do as you need Eric.
I like to be by myself on our sofa too Eric, so I completely understand your side of it. -Shaggy
Oh of course!
hello Fat Eric - fanks for coming to our party at the weekend! we are indeed Brit Cats, we live down in the City near the Barbican! you must be our closest blogging kitty friends now! before it was Yao-Lin! x
Hmm, I am sure you can come to an equitable arrangement. Mom sits on the sofa and I sit on the back of the cushions. It works out fine for us. But still, good job pushing him off.

Your single-pointed determination and unflagging persistence are an inspiration to me. Fight on, Eric!
I completely agree. You look so comfy on the sofa, and you were there all day, so it should really be yours.

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
Excellent technique!
Fat Eric!! Hello from across the pond. Thanks so much for adding me to The Gorgeous Gingers. Now I just have to get on my human to put it up on my blog. I don't have anything etra like that on it so we'll see how long it takes her wee brain to figure it out.

Of course you should have the whole sofa. Who do these beans think they are anyway. Sheesh!

Eric, there is no question but that the best seat in the house ALWAYS belongs to the cat!!

Unless your Dad is willing to pose like you are in that 2nd picture, I'd consider the subject closed and refuse to relinquish your spot!

Oh yes, I agree Eric - the sofa's belong to us cats! The beans can always sit on a kitchen chair or on the floor or something. Could job in pushing your Dad off.
Eric, you have given me a wonderful idea for getting Mommy off of her butt when she is on the sofa!
Good job Eric Humans must learn to obey us kittys.
We have Chair Warz here. Somehow I never win. After a while I get put in a 'time out' unless I give up first. It really sux.
Good for you that you won!! You are a real inspiration to kitties everywhere.
Good job Eric, I like your style. I love the photo of you with all your paws in the air:) xxx
You look quite comfortable. I like to sleep on the arm of our sofa. It is even large enough for me.
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