Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Another Missed Opportunity

I missed out on Sunday when my humans were rescuing the bird from our loft and I slept through the whole thing. I would have liked to meet that birdie and give him a few licks to find out how he tasted...

Today I missed out again! My mum came home from work this evening and the first thing she did, of course, was to feed me. Then she decided to feed the garden birds but the container of bird seed was empty, so she went out to the garage to refill it from the big sack of bird seed we keep there. She opened the garage door and looked at the sack of bird seed and there was a tiny little mouse sitting on the top of it! It looked at her, and she looked at the mouse, and then it ran away. But then another little mouse jumped out which had been inside the sack eating the bird seed!

My mum came back into the house and told me about the mice. She should have taken me to the garage with her! I missed out on eatingmeeting them because I was inside eating my dinner!

Meanwhile, I have entered the Simply Siamese Spring Contest. This was my entry:

Trumpets of yellow

Leaves in my garden
Smelling fresh

Enjoying the spring breeze

I hope you like it!

Oh Eric, that's sad! Hopefully you'll be able to "meet" someother mice soon!

We love your entry, we can hardly wait for spring around here.
That is a very good entry for the Spring contest!

You missed a birdie and TWO mousies! Wow! Next time ask your Mum to call you when these things are going on.
Eric, that is very depressing about your missed chance to meet a REAL LIVE MOUSIE!!!! That is a personal dream of mine.

I like your entry . . . those flowers look so cheery and your poem is simple and sweet. Great job! I hope spring comes for real soon.
I'm so sorry you missed out on a birdie and two mousies! And how naughty of your mommy to "tell" you about them!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
PS Don't tell Latte but I voted for you!!
That is a great poem Eric - we hope you win. Mommy says we had mice eating our birdseed once. She keeps it in plastic containers or in the chest freezer in our garage now to keep moce from coming in.
Eric, it appears you must schedule your naptime around your Mom's activities so you don't miss out on anything exciting.

We love the picture with the daffodils. We won't see ours until the 3rd week of April.
We like your Spring entry Eric.
You'll have to make sure you go with your mum next time she gets the bird food. Those mousies will be back.
What beautiful daffs you have Eric. I can't wait until ours come up!
Too bad about the mice. As for the spring entry, that is a winner, for sure.

I voted for you Eric. Mum keeps her birdie foods inside of big metal containers so that the mousies can't get at it. Same thing for my extra foods that is out in the room with the metal monster.
oh no and mices are good sources of protein too!
Great contest entry, Eric! I'm so sorry you missed the mousies!
So sorry you missed the mousie. Another time! Have inconsiderate - they really should make appointments rather than just appearing like that!
Oh man, Eric, I can't believe your momma didn't introduce you to the mousies. I love the floof in your picture!
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Dang, you missed a bird AND a mouse??? Shoot!
That is a lovely Spring entry!
Very springy, I like it!
It's excellent, Eric! Maybe you could add a stanza about spring mice.
Awww, too bad about the mice!
aw man, i'm sorry you missed "meeting" them. i have a feeling (mommy feeds birds too) they'll be back. perhaps another chance will present itself...
your entry is very pretty. it makes me want spring even sooner!
Eric - we hope you get to meet a mouse or bird soon. That is a great entry for the Simply Siamese contest - Mom was lazy and didn't help us enter anything.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie
That is a very nice entry by you :-) I love the beautiful photo, too.

I think your Mum should let you go sniff around the garage for a couple of hours ;-)
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