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A week ago we had lovely Spring weather and our garden is full of daffodils, hyacinths, forsythia, camellias and other Spring flowers. But suddenly it has gone very cold again. The only solution is to find someone to snuggle with and keep as warm as possible. I am very keen on snuggling.
I have had a message from Beau. He is running an auction of Kitten Squillions to raise money for Lilly Lu and Moki's vet bills. Beau says that for some reason not many people are bidding on the Ginger Squillions, and the other colours are more popular. This seems very strange! There are lots of us Gorgeous Gingers, surely someone wants to bid for a ginger Squillion? Ginger is such a fabulous colour!

My mum is worn out by rehearsing her class of children for a show they are doing for their parents tomorrow. But after that she gets 4 days off for Easter weekend - no school on Good Friday or Easter Monday, so plenty of quality time for me! More snuggling!

Dearest Eric,
Yep...snugglin' is the answer to bein' cold. It's the only thing to do to make things right.

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers & Purrs Gang
Easter is a great time for snugglin' an eating wif da ones yoo love. We keep getting tempted wif warm weather den it gets cold again. We want da windows open!
Sounds a lot like our weather in Holland, Eric. Snuggling is best thing to do then, if some didn't organized a jacuzzi full of cats, dogs and beans...

Ginger is one my favorite colors, so I don't understand it.

Ooooo, I'm off the Guinness for good! My aching head! I really don't know how Skeezix does it.

You look like you are really enjoying that snuggle with yiur mumbean. I love to snuggle too.
Snuggling is always good!
Eric, you look supremely happy! I hope your weather gets warm again for the four mum days you've got coming up.
we want spring to come!!
MomBean wants a Fat Eric squillion!
Stay warm, Eric!

I would have thought the Ginger colored squillions would be the MOST popular of all.
What a nice picture of you & your Mum!
You really know how to cuddle!
Blue is such a lovely color to lay your gorgeous ginger furs upon.

Luf, Us
I like snuggling with momma when she wares warm fuzzy sweaters and robes! ~Queen Snickers
They don't like the ginger squillions as well? What's up with that?!
A photo of Fat Eric relaxing? THAT'S something you never see.. *snort*
Dad says his favorite photo is the one where we can only see a leg sticking out of a box.
Our weather is cold and grey, too. No flowers yet.
Oh Eric, I hope you have a marvelous time snuggling with your mom over the long holiday weekend.
You got cold, we are going to get more SNOW!!!!! Have fun snuggling with your mum.
Serious good snuglin wit the Bein!
Oh yes, cuddling is always the best. We do it a lot here too. It is very windy here (50 mph winds) so we are trying to stay inside as much as possible.

Your Easter weekend sounds gweat. That Thing went to visit the Easter Bunny yesterday!
Oh your momee looks furry sweet & she haz a furry nice soft sweatur fur you to cozy up to. I wish I liked to be held...but I justee can't let myself be hugged. I givez good nozie kissez though!
That looks like good snuggling wiv your mum and we can see you haf a big smile. It is furry cold here as well, and furry windy too. When we go furr walks we're nearly being blown away.
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