Friday, March 07, 2008


Floofy Friday and Sofa Wars Part II

It is Friday night. My dad was supposed to be going out to a work thing tonight. My mum and I had our evening all planned...grooming sessions...watching a DVD...eating Chinese prawns...just relaxing and, of course, snuggling on the sofa.

But then dad came home early and stole the sofa again! Why does he have to lay himself over the whole sofa? Why can he not realise it is MY sofa?

I meowed at him a lot. Then I jumped on him and gave him the hard stare.

I am gazing at my mum here and asking her to help me move my dad off the sofa.
If he doesn't get off the sofa right now I am going to crush him beneath my mighty weight. Then he'll be sorry.
All right, if he won't move I will just have to lie on him but I wish he would move and just give me the whole sofa!
You can see the frustration in my eyes.

I feel your pain Eric! Sometimes when I am relaxing on MY sofa my Mum has the nerve to shake the treat bag and of course I go running for the treats and she quickly plops down on MY sofa - now that is just wrong. What is wrong with these beans! I have heard the floor is quite comfy, they should try it.
Sigh, I have the same issue with DKM thinking that the entire bed is her's at night, when we all know that the bed belongs to me!
I can see that your human is less than comfortable. I think he needs to think more about you and your comfort though...
I know the problem Eric, I get exactly the same with my dad. If he gets the sofa first he just won't move, no matter how much I walk over his head or make biscuits on him.If I get to the sofa first though, I have to admit he sits on the floor so he doesn't disturb me.
Come and see our latest post. It's all about an adventure we all had together.
Our dad does the same tells him all the time that the couch is for sitting not laying and dat if he wants to lay he should go to bed. She usually sez dat cuz he gets in her way...
Dear Eric, can't you share? After all, don't you have the sofa all day? It is more fun to share, especially when mom covers herself with a blanket, and then I get to be nice and warm too.

Oh, for sure, Eric, what a look of frustration! ;-) That looks more like a satisfied expression to me!
Ohhhh man, can't those beans learn to share nicely?

I liked your adventure with Eric and Flynn, good times with the two ginger boys.
Just smoosh him to death! Serves him right for taking up all of your sofa space.

Did you get any prawns?
Oh, Eric! That is terrible. How could your dad do something so wrong as to sit on YOUR sofa!?! This is very unbelievable.
Poor Eric. Have your tried swatting him in the face or giving him the death stare? This usually works for me.
Keep asserting yourself Eric! These people can be pretty thick headed sometimes, or maybe your dad is just a very very lazy kind of chap.
Well, he DOES look kinna crushed ta us! But sometimes Beins like that...

Gee, we dont even HAF a sofa!
I have the same problem with the desk chair -- the one where she has her big, huge, bum right now!! Its my chair. And I don't care who paid for it, either. I won't fall for the "Well, I worked and earned the money to pay for it!" ever again. We are mancats we have our needs!!
Poor Eric. Life is hard when the humans interfere, isn't it?

We enjoyed your outing with Eric & Flynn. It looked like you guys had a great time!

Luf, Us
Eric, I know what you mean. One of the most difficult jobs I've ever had to do is make humans understand the meaning of "territory"!

I feel your pain! My dad does that to me too! Dads can be so naughty!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
You are going about the sofa thing all wrong. You don't lay on the tummy of the dad of the house. You lay right over his face. That way he cannot see the television and I bet he will find a different spot. Try it and let me know if it works.
Dat's furry inkonsiderate of him. Sassy's got the rite idear tho.
Sanjee (and the resta the Hotties sez Hi!)
We are lucky our sofa has pop out recliners, so daddy and momma can both lay on the sofa and there's still room for a snuggle bed in between and two laps if we wish. There is room for all four of us! ~Queen Snickers
I think you should have laid in the other direction, with your butt in his face. He might have moved then.
You know, I think if you moved up a bit, you could suffocate him with your considerable weight. Then when he's gasping for air, you say "The sofa is MINE, right Dad?" Only when he admits the truth, should you move and allow him to breathe. Of course, you have to be careful. You don't want him to black out from lack of oxygen!
How can he not figure out you want the whole couch.
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