Monday, March 10, 2008


Mancat Monday Quiz and a Funny Story

It is Mancat Monday - and I have found a fun quiz for you!

The quiz shows you 16 cat faces and you have to guess from their faces if they are mancats or ladycats. It is harder than you would think. My mum and I have played it twice and our best score was 12/16. Let me know if you beat our score!

He-Cat or She-Cat Quiz Here

Meanwhile, here's a funny but true story. You may know that I love Feline Greenies treats but they are not available in the UK (sob!) so my friends and family send them to me from Mericky. (I got 6 bags for Christmas and have eaten 3 of them so far). Well, this weekend my mum went to Crufts Dog Show where they sell lots of things for dogs, and some for cats too. The Greenies company had a big stall there selling Dog Greenies. My mum went there and said to the man, "Why do you sell the dog Greenies in the UK and not the cat Greenies because Fat Eric really loves them?" And he said, "Well, we don't have a licence yet to import the Feline Greenies from Mericky but we are looking into it."

And then the funny thing happened. My mum was still talking to the Greenies man, and she bought some Dog Greenies for Cornish Grandma's Scottie, and he gave her some free human mints and teabags (why promotional mints and teabags???) and then another lady came up to the Greenies stall and said "Excuse me, do you have the cat Greenies because my cat really loves them and we can never find them in the UK" !!! The Greenies man said "That's funny, everyone wants the cat Greenies today, I am definitely going to speak to the people in Mericky and find out how we can get them imported here soon."

So...Yay! It looks like some day I might be able to get Greenies right here whenever I want, and that would be really good, and it might be a little bit thanks to my mum! Isn't that amazing?

Don't forget to let me know how you scored on the quiz!

Good news about the Greenies, I hope they come here cos I'd live to try them. Re my littertray, mine had a swing door too but I was too scared to go into it so the humans had to remove it. I like to see what I am doing I guess. FAZ
Eh, mom gotted 12/16 too. We kept trying to tell her effury time she was marking da wrong sex but she don't unnerstand meoweze to well. Dat is good news about da greenies!
Best Mommy could do was 10/16, we told her double digits wasn't too bad...

That's very exciting news about the greenies - they are our favorite, not sure what we would do if we couldn't get them!
Well, that is cool for your mom. Se can tell everyone that they have greenies because of her.
As for the quiz, mom got 11 out of 16

We only got 9 right.
We hope the greenies get to you soon!!!
That was a very fun quiz! My Mommie got 10 out of 16. She needs to study harder.
I hope you get your greenies. That would be cool. We only got 12/16 also.
I am glad that you will be getting your greenies. If I can do anything when I am Ruler... er president... let me know.
I got 12/16, too. It's great that you might be getting Greenies at last! We like them too.
We only got 8 out of 16 - are we the worst yet??? :)

I hope you get your cat Greenies soon!
wow what are gweenies? If they taste yummy, I sure hope they come here too. Mine Mummy is still at work, but when she gets home, I'm going to get her to twy the quiz!
That was fun. Mommy got 13/16. Not too bad!
We got 13/16 - it was fun to do.
Dang, I only got "just over half". I was too ashamed to count them. Doh! :) xxx

P.S. Hope the Greenies come here:)
That was fun! We got 12/16. We almost got 14/16, but Mom changed our minds. Rats!

That was harder than we thought!
That was a fun Quiz, my Mum and I got 13 out of 16.

I love Feline Greenies too, luckily we can get them in Canada, phew!
Oh yes, Feline Greenies are fabulous! I'm so glad you will be able to get them. *smile*

And what a fun quiz! Mom and I took it, and we scored 13/16 -- not too bad!

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!
we hopes you gets your greenies soon!
We dint efen TRY the quiz. We already knew we would be really bad at it. MOL!
I got 13 of 16!
I've never tried the Greenies before, although Mom and Dad have seen them at the store before. If they are good enough for you to have them sent over for Christmas, maybe I need to petition Mom and Dad to try them!

We'll take the test and let you know our score later on...
11/16 Too bad you can't smell through the 'puter! Then we would have had it for sure! ~Queen Snickers

If you need some imported Greenies let MomBean know!
hello fat eric,
I think figaro has some gingers but he is not sure because he is a stray kitteh. He wants to join a club!!! he's going to get his own bloggy as soon as he gets old enough to type (right now he is only 7 months of old)
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