Sunday, March 30, 2008



My mum would like to thank everyone for the kind purrthday wishes. We had a nice evening and there was chicken all round...yum! Also she got lots of nice presents which I helped to unwrap and I got some tissue paper and bubble wrap to play with.

Last night we had to change all our clocks to go on to British Summer Time so I lost a whole hour's napping time! I hope I get it back in the autumn.

We have had some horrible wet, windy weather recently but today was a beautiful sunny day with blue skies, just right for the first day of BST. My humans abandoned me to go South of the River and have lunch with a friend in Lewisham while I was trying to catch up on my napping. They met his cat who is a beautiful glossy black girl cat called Kitten. I am not sure about her name though... They ate too much yummy food and then went for a long walk through Greenwich and Blackheath where people were flying kites and looking at the cherry blossom and daffodils. My mum says it was a very pretty spring Sunday. When they came back, we all sat in the garden and enjoyed the flowers and the warm spring breezes and, because of BST, it didn't get dark for ages!

How appropriate that today Zoolatry sent me this lovely spring picture of myself! And I hope that spring comes soon for my friends who still have snow!

A belated Happy Birthday to your mum! Thankyou for dropping in and for the well wishes.

Spring sounds lovely over your way. We are enjoying the last of the autumn sunshine. It promises to be a wet and cool autumn. No fun!
It sounds like yoo and da beans had a lovely day. Our snow is melting and tomoro dey say it will be in da 50's (about 12 C) so we'z hoping da rest of da snow will be gone.
Oh, thank you for that wish. Mom saw things growing in the garden, today. Green things, and not weeds! Spring must be coming.

Oh Eric! What a lovely photo of you!
That is a lovely photo of you eric. It makes our spring, seeing the weather isn't--we have snow here at the end of March!
That is a lovely Spring pikchur of you Eric. It wuz lovely and warm and sunny here this morning, but then it turned wet and cold and windy again. We are fed up wiv the rain efurry day.
Eric, you look smashing!
Happy BST, we start with the time change before you do now. It is nice to have it lighter later in the day.
How wonderful that the sun came out when you changed the clocks! We changed ours a while ago and the weather is still cold! It shouls warm up this week (I hope)
Have a nice snooze till your folks come home :)
Purrs Mickey
Happy BST to you! I'm glad that you got to have a beautiful sunny day today! It must have been nice to sit in the garden with your humans!

Purrrrrrrrrs, China Cat
Dear Fat Eric, I have something for you!

(Yes, yes, and Mombean still wants to rub your belly...)
That is a beautiful spring picture of you :-D
Eric, that is a great photo of you! I can't wait until more of our flowers start springing up.
Happy Snappy Belated Birthday to your mom.
Eric, you look great in this photo!
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