Thursday, March 27, 2008


A Purrthday Present For My Mum

Eric with roses

I hope she likes the flowers...but I am planning to give her a lot of extra purrthday hair-licks today as well! And we are having a special chicken dinner tonight...drool....

Happy Purrthday to your mum. I am sure she will love the flowers. You will love the chick-hen dinner! They better share!
Happy Birthday! Pretty flowers Eric.

I hope your Mom had a terrific day!
Happy Birthday, Mum!

Roxy & Lucky
Eric that is so thoughtful of you.

Happy Birthday to your human!
Happy Birthday Eric's mum. Chicken sounds delicious. We hope you have a good day with your little sticky things too.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie
Happy Birthday, Eric's Mum! I hope she enjoyed the flowers and the extra hair-licks. I hope you enjoy the chicken, Eric.
Hoppy Birthday Mum!
Happy Birthday to your mom! :) We hope she has a great day! :)
Happy happy purrthday!!!!! Big waves to your mum from Australia! :)
Awwwwww Eric, that's so sweet of you! Please wish your Mommy a Happy Birthday from all of us here in O Hi O!
Happy Purrthday to your Mum! I hope she enjoys the flowers and the fact that you left them alone for her. I hope she has a great day.
We want to wish your mom a very Happy Birthday. The flowers you gave her are lovely, you are very thoughtful. Hope you all have a great day celebrating.

Mindy & Moe
Happy Purrfday Mum!!!! YAY!!!
Eric, those are lovely flowers and I'm sure your Mom will live the hair licks!! Have a snuggly day :)
Purrs Mickey
Happy Birthday Fat Eric's Mum!!!

Eric - I'm sure she's going to love the flowers and hair-licks!! Have a great day!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
Happy Birthday to Fat Eric's Mom!! How could she not like flowers and chick-hen? Chick-hen is the bestest!
Happy Purrfday!!!
Happy Birthday to your mum! I think she will love the beautiful flowers and the hair-licks, too.
what a beautiful gift! she'll love them. i'm sure the hair licks will be a great gift as well.
maybe you'll get to share the chicken too!!
happy birthday wishes to your mum!
Give her sum headbonks from me too! Happy Birthday!
Eric, you are such a loving, thoughtful cat son. Please tell your mum we all wish her a Happy, Happy Purrthday!

Rocky & staff
Happy Birthday, Eric's Mum!
We hope you have a wonderful day filled with treats and kitty cuddles!
Willow and I want to wish your Mum a very Happy Birthday!

And guess what??? Today is our Dad's birthday too! Maybe we should give him some hair-licks too!

Purrrrrs, China Cat
Happy Purrthday to your mum!!!
Oh, how sweet. Are you cooking too, Eric?
Tell your mum we wish her a very happy birthday! Those flowers are cool, the way the start as buds then open up! We are sure she will love them.
Furry HAPPY PURRDAY to your Mum!!

I love the flowers!
AWWW pwitty woses! Happy Purthday Eric Mummy! ~Empress
Happy, happy birthday to your mum! I bet she'll love those flowers so much that you'll get a bite of chicken.
Happy purrday to yoo
Happy purrday to yoo
Happy PURRday Eric's mum
Happy purrday to yoooooo

luvly roses, Eric ...
Happy purrfday Eric's mum. She'll love those pretty roses, and what's a purrfday wivout hair licks?
Aww, your gift is wonderful! Happy Birthday to your mum!
Happy belated birthday Eric's Mum! Rats, I can't see the flowers, Blogger seems to have invisibleised them, but I'm sure they are beautiful:) xxx
Happy Birthday mum.

Many happy weturns of the day, Ewic's Mom!
A belated Happy Birthday to your Mum :-) I hope she had a wonderful birthday.
VERY pretty growing flowers! We KNOW she will like them...
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