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The Cat Blogosphere is sad today because Petey has lost his fight with cancer and gone to the Rainbow Bridge. I am sending many purrs to his family.

It is four years this month since we lost my sister Hattie in March 2004. She had cancer too. We have been looking at some of the old photos of me and Hattie together. I am glad we have photos to help us remember.

Deer Eric,

I'm sending lots of purrs and hugs to you and yore beans rite now. Me and mom know how you feel becos my little sis Daisy went to the Bridge6 yeers ago in Febyooerry and mom still looks at her pikchers and is sad. Buddy and Jasmine din't kno her, of corse, but we tell them stories abowt her. And mom sez she is owr Guardian Angel now, just like Miss Hattie is yores.

Purrs & nose licks,
Yore frend Finnegan
Remembering our love ones that have gone before is always so bittersweet. Sweet because we were blessed to have them and bitter because they have gone on ahead and left us behind. But do not worry Eric, you and your Mum will see her again...she sees you ever day cause she watches over you and keeps you guys safe.
No matter how many years pass, those who went before are always with our beans. Hattie was beautiful. What a sweet face.
We're purring and purring for you and your beans.
It is always hard saying goodbye to a beloved pet. I imagine you and the human find it sad but comforting to look at those old pics. Your sis looked adorable. x
That was such a nice post Eric.

We bet your Mum is having a rough day like ours. Both my big sister and brother went to the bridge because of lymphoma, so it's a sad to lose Petey and remember them.

The good news is that we'll see them all again one day on the other side of the bridge, and we have pictures and happy memories to get us through till then.

Eric, you and your sister look so much alike! I'm sure you miss her alot - it is good that you have photos that you can look back at and remember her.
Purrs. You do look like Hattie. I bet you are a great comfort to your people
KC said,
O, Eric, i's glad you can look at tha pickshures and remember hers. She was a beauty, an you all look a lot alike. i's bet she was a real neat cat, jus like you.
an don't forget, you will see hers again, jus like i'll see mine Bear.
Love & Purrs,
It's so tewwible that things wike cancer happen. I wish I could kill it wike I kill the bugs in mine house. Then we kittehs won't have no more cancer to spoil our happy time here.
it's been 5 1/2 years since The One Who Came Before went to the rainbow bridge because of Cancer. mommy is still sad. Remembering is nice though! it makes the moms happy to remember the good times
Photos help us remember our loved ones and other absent friends. Hattie's life was too short, but it must have been a happy one with you and your mum.
Oh Eric, Hallie was beautiful! It is always nice to have pictures to remember. You two looked so much alike. We lost our sister 3 years ago and we miss her still, too!
Your FL furiends,
We are sorry about your friend Petey. Boy, you and your sister look so much alike, I don't know who is who.
It is good that you have pictures of your sister. Maybe you can not be so sad when you look at the pictures now, but remember the fun times you had.

those are nice photos to remember your sister Hattie.
oh eric what a beautiful sister you had in hattie! it is so sad to lose those you love.
i adored your spring fling was the best one in my book!
much love from across the big pond...
Sending purrs to you today! Your sister was beautiful! She is waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge!
Your sisfur looks like she was splendid, which must be where you got it from.
Wow, Hattie looked so much like you, Eric. She was very beautiful. I am sad that I never got to know her. But it is good to remember.
Oh, Eric, your sister was a beautiful girl! I'm sure you and the beans miss her very much. It's sad but nice to remember our loved ones.
She's at the Bridge, waiting.
It is nice to remember those who went before. Wish I could have met her.

Hope the windy storms didn't bother you much the other day.
I am crossing my paws for Petey and Hattie.....
It is good to remember, even though it makes you sad.
It is really hard to remember the good times without crying a little
Hattie was very beautiful.

My littermate sister Gracie went to The Bridge 6 years ago. Mom and I still miss her.

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