Monday, March 24, 2008


Something I Learned Today

Did you know that if you are snuggling with your mum and you ACCIDENTALLY stick your claw into her earlobe, there will be lots and lots and lots of blood?

And did you know that after she has finished mopping up all the blood, the next thing she will do is to get out the claw clippers?

I suppose I should have seen that coming...

Yep and sticking your claw in their nose does the same. How does so much blood come out of such a small hole?
Our Kitty's when they cuddle on our laps, sometimes they get startled and their claws go into our leg. Ouch. Sorry to hear about the ear!
Were you trying to pierce her ears for earrings? Mum says that probably hurted lots too as well as being bloody.
Oh and stickin' your fingernails in their eyelids does the same thing, too! Why do beans haff to be so sensitive???

Eric, we have tagged you for a meme on our bloggy. Stop by and check it out.

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers & Purrs Gang
Are you okay? Clippy claws are no fun, and we hope she didn't hurt you as revenge - just kidding. We hope it warms back up for you soon.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie
Big Ouchies! I don't do that, so SS should thank the stars.
Oah My~!!!
Watch out for your claws!
not the clippers!! i hate those things. my human was clipping my nails once and accidently cut my pad. i was so mad i didn't go near her for a whole day!! now that we go outside sometimes she has stopped clipping us. i'm glad. she did say had i been still i wouldn't have gotten cut. i still blame her. you look cute in those ears. i'm glad my human doesn't put stuff on me though. i like the naked fur look personally. thanks for visiting. we're posting pictures of our kittens today to show that just cause a kitten is born with deformed legs you shouldn't kill it cause they can get better. i think you'd like oswald. i do. he's really sweet and not crazy like most kitties.

Uh oh! I am due to have my clawrs clipped today, too. Unless I can hide under the bed long enough.
It's odd how one thing leads to another isn't it.
Here you got rid of a bunch of extraneous blood and she trims your nails? How rude.
You just got to poke her in plases that don't bleed so much, Eric! I bited mom last nite and it only bleeded a little bit. And I skwerm waaaay too much wen she comes at me wif those clippers.

Oww, did she at least get a earring? ~Queen Snickers
oh my...I bets that really hurts her...was she mad at you? My mom doesn't like it when I streatch across her legs with my claws, and then of course when dad sneezes I jumps up hig and dig my claws into whats ever is under me which is usually moms leg??? meow...but she still loves me..purrrr
Blood! ooh ick! Guess thats why I get clippered too. Love yur blog, I'll come by oftin!

YIKES! Run Away, Run Away, Run Away.
And fast.

Well now I wish I had front claws so I could check that out for myself...
Well dat will do it allright. Da ol' claw in da ear trick gets 'em evfurry time!
Yep - that's a "no brainer."
Ooops! We get our claws trimmed twice a week, because they grow really fast. So we sympathize.
Oh my...I'm sure it was an accident. All in the name of love.
Uh oh. So sorry that ended with you getting your nails trimmed :(
We are so sorry to hear about the claw clippers...and of course your mum's ear bleeding and all.

Tommy especially hates it when our mom brings the claw clippers out. He actually growls at her! I think it's funny to hear him growl.
Oh DEAR!!!! Ouch ouch ouch!
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