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A Visitor On Mothers' Day

Today in the UK it is Mothering Sunday or Mothers' Day. So I have been making sure that I give my mum some extra licks and attention today. I am sure she will appreciate that.

She had an interesting morning actually. On the upstairs landing in our house, there is a trapdoor in the ceiling which leads to the loft, and there is a ladder you can pull down to get up there. My humans don't go up there very often as it is very dusty and there is not much up there except some boxes of stuff we store there and a big water tank.

Well, this morning my dad was on the landing and he thought he heard something scratching in the loft. He was worried it might be a mouse. He asked my mum to come and listen under the trapdoor and they heard a different noise that sounded more like wings fluttering. They thought there might be a bird trapped in the loft. My mum volunteered to go up the ladder and have a look. (I was in the spare room asleep under my yellow chair so I missed all the excitement).

My mum went up into the loft with a torch and saw this little bird (a sparrow) flying around the loft in a panic. It must have got in through some little gap in the eaves but it couldn't find a way out. Finally it stopped flying around and sat on one of the rafters looking scared. My mum crawled across the roof joists (we don't have a proper floor in our loft) and she thought that the bird would fly away when she tried to touch it but it must have been so scared that it was just frozen. She was able to grab it in her hand with its little head sticking out from the top of her fist. She could feel its little heart beating very fast. She crawled back across the loft and handed it down to my dad, who took it downstairs and out into the back garden. Luckily it did not seem to have been injured because it flew away immediately.

I am sad that I missed out on helping rescue the sparrow but maybe it was just as well I was not there because I might have eaten him. This afternoon we saw lots of sparrows on the bird feeders in our garden but we couldn't tell if one of them was the sparrow who was in the loft because they all look alike! Here is a lookalike:

Eric, I think you would have the perfect expert to call in about that little bird!
We are glad the little sparrow was okay as we have a deficit of the little fellows here in London. FAZ
We would haf eaten it right up! Dose kinda birds are furry mean to Blue Birds. So we would eat dem ferst afore dey got to da nice Blue Birds. But dat wuz nice of yoo to let Mr. Sparrow owt.
what a cute bird! he must've known your beans wouldn't hurt him and that is why he stayed still.
i looooooooved watching sparrows. i was a feral so i'm pretty sure i'd have eaten him up too, but they're cute so I'd have felt bad.

Happy Mum's Day to your Mum Eric! I'm sure your snuggles and licks are all she needs to make this the perfect day.
That sounds furry exciting Eric, but it was a bit mean that your Beans didn't wake you up so you could go and eat err help him.
Happy Mother's Day to your mom. I am glad she saved the little sparrow.
Happy Mother's Day to yore Mommy, Fat Eric!
Dat was nise of her and yore Daddy to rescue the lil birdie.
Don't feel bad tho, we prolly woulda eatted him too if we was there.
Alla us
happy mother day FE mom i glad you mamma resued a sparrow it sound like she a spow ressuer
Goodness that you had your very own birdies inside your house. Very nice that your beans caught it and set it free.
That certainly was an interesting morning. We are glad you did not eat the bird. Being stuck in your house is one thing, being outdoors would have been another. Happy Mothering Day to your mom!

Roxy & Lucky
Happy Mothering Day to your mum, Eric! How nice that she took care of the little scared bird. I bet he flew to his mum and told her all about it!
What a wonderful story about the saving of the little birdie! And Happy Mothering Sunday to your mum!
Hey there Fat Eric, Happy Momma's Day to your momma! That was very nice of her to save the little sparrow. Maybe you can look out the window and talk to it some day.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Happy Mother's Day to your Mum, Eric. I am glad that she rescued the little sparrow and set it free. Now you can watch it at the feeder.
What a good thing your Mom caught that little birdie and set it free. Happy Mothering Day to your Mom (belatedly).

Yeah, though, I'm with you. I think that little birdie might have tasted very good.
Wow! That was very exciting. I'm sorry you missed out on seeing that, but as you said, it might have been for the best ;-)
Sorry you missed all the excitement, but it was probably best for the bird!

Hope your Mum had a wonderful day!
We would all have ate it, but we suppose yer Mom an Dad were kind an all, so "OK"...
That was so neat you Mom and Dad rescued the birdie! ~Queen Snickers
We had a sparrow get into the house a couple years ago. He flew around in a panic then dropped to the floor exhausted. Mom was able to pick him up then and take him outside.
Your's probably would have had a heart attack if he saw you licking your lips at him.
That is so nice that your Mom rescued that little fella!
A birdie wight in your house! Oh man!
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