Friday, April 18, 2008


Floofy Friday

You're gorgeous, Eric, and very floofy. Have a great weekend!
I hope your weekend is wonderful!
Gorgeous Friday!

Happy Weekend, Eric!
Eric you are The Floofmeister!:)
Eric, you are the largest floof ever and look at those sweet little mancat legs sticking out heehee you are wonderful
Uh-oh, mum sez she wants to lose her face in all your floof.
Eric, you are the floofiest! And you always look so well-groomed.
Eric, you are definitely Floofy! Maybe the Floofiest kitty anywhere.
All Hail Eric, king of the foofy!
We sure wish we could floof like you! The only part we can floof is our tails...
What a nice floofy picture. You are very handsome, Eric.

Hello your Floofyness, Sir Eric.

Have a great weekend.
WOW!! What super floof you have!!!
Just like a cloud,heehee
Purrs Mickey
Now dat is floofyness! Happy weekend!
Nice and Floofy! Cute.
I tink you haz surpassed my floofyness!!! Dis iz quite impressive. I may has to pastee some of mine back on, 'cuz da momee haz brushied it all away!
If you gets a chancee, you should come & haz a niptini at da new Itty Bitty Cafe' tomorrow.
In da meantime, here iz a package of nice nip chip cookiez fur you to try out.
Dr Tweety
You are so handsome Fat Eric ~The FLuffy Tribe

PS We Fluffy Tribe Ratz would luv to snuggle in your fur and borrow some for our nests.
Look at all that floofyness!
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