Monday, April 14, 2008


Happy Day

I am having a great day today, for several reasons:

First, I am very very happy that my friends, Mu Shue, Lilly and Iris have been found safe after the fire in their building, and are back with their mum Laura. Members of the Cat Blogosphere have organised some auctions here to help them after they lost so much of their stuff in the fire. But they are all safe and well!

Secondly, my mum still has a whole week left of school holidays so we are enjoying spending lots of time together at home.

And lastly, today I got a package from Mericky! I was surprised because I was not expecting anything so I got my mum to open it and we took a look. First there was a cat card:
It was from Patty who lives in Idaho. She is the sister-in-law of my Aunty Jan who kidnapped my Uncle Sim and married him and took him to live in Montana. So that makes us related! Actually it was from her cats, Tory and Lacey. Tory is a very beautiful but bossy Siamese who will only eat fish flavors. Lacy is a very sweet gray tabby...also a big seafood fanatic. The card said, "when they heard their English cat cousin Eric was deprived and wasting away from lack of local Greenies, they insisted that I immediately send poor Eric a new supply."

GREENIES! I immediately investigated the box:
Look! Look what was inside!
Ohhh, I can't believe it...Oven Roasted Chicken...Savory Salmon...Ocean Fish...drool...And here I was down to my last half-bag of Greenies - now I have lots!
THANK YOU, Patty, Tory and Lacey! What a great day I am having!

We have never tried Greenies but they must have the effect that Temptations have on us...we are so glad to know you are having a good day...

nom nom nom
what wonderful cousins you have!!
i'm very glad you're having such a good day!!
Greenies are the best!!! It's always a great day if you have Greenies!
Eric, what a wonderful happy face you have!!
YES!!! Very, very, very good news!! Muahahahaha!
Oh Eric, you are having a wonderful day!
Wow! That is a great card and presents you got! You look very happy in the last photo :-D
What a great day you are having Eric! I hope the whole rest of the month is that good!
What an excellent Monday!
That would make my day too, if I liked greenies. Do you suppose they are at all like broccoli?

Wow Greenies! You have very thoughtful cousins Eric. Did you see I have lost some weight and am now down to 19lbs?
NotQuite As Big As I Used To Be Eric.
We lufs owr Greenies too! We are so glad yoo got some from Mericky. We don't wants yoo wasting away. Yoo can see how Beau Beau is getting bigger by da day eating his greenies. Well schmaybe its acoz he eats all his stinky goodness and half of Angies too. Couldn't be dat could it?
Great news that you have a good supply of Greenies. You have furry nice cousins in Mericky to send you a care package.
You looks so happy! Such furry good newz abouts your frendz. We are all furry glad fur dat newz.
Oh Yummy!
You were almost outta Greenies? Dude, don't let that happen! I know where the plastic card thingie is!

(On the other hand, MomBean wants to know if the spot on your cheek is the smootch spot.)
Your lucky day Eric!!!
Oh Eric you are such a sweetie and this package was well deserved by you.
I know you will enjoy every bit of it.
I hope you have a great week hanging out with your mom.
love and purrs
What luck! Those Greenies arrived just in the nick of time, with you down to a measly half a bag.
What a cute happy face!!! You have a great smile!
Wow! What are gweenies? We do not have them here, but they sure wook nice! You've got vewy nice cousins Towy and Wacey!
GREENIES!! We are out. MOMMA! GO GET US SOME! ~Queen Snickers
MMMMMmmmmmmm! Greenies!
Eric, I do think that you and Rudy have been seperated at birth!
Oh my! What a great gift package!
It's so wonderful to get mail!!!
Thank you so much for coming to our blogoversary party and celebrate with us! It wouldn't have been as much fun without you - and we hope you had a great time too and not too much of a hang-over, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!
Hi,the expression which you ate now and so have done is lovely!
It linked to your blog.
We ask may even from now on.
That is such a nice package that you got in the mail. Makes me hungry looking at it. You are a lucky kitty and have a wonderful home and yes many reasons to be happy and thankful.
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