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Today my mum broke up for two weeks' spring holiday from school. I thought this was good - lots of quality time for her to spend with ME! But then...I found out the terrible news that tomorrow she and my dad are going to Wales for four days and I have to be incarcerated in the kitty jail until Wednesday!

Noooooo! I don't want to go to the kitty jail! I was just enjoying the spring weather and lying in my garden looking at the flowers. How can they do this to me?

I need a place to hide where they can't find me when they want to put me in the Evil Cat Carrier tomorrow morning. Or failing that, I need a posse of my friends to break me out of kitty jail!


P.S. My only comfort is that Scratchy Mouse is coming with me.

On NO! Not Kitty Jail! Although, I did look at your kitty jail and it does look pretty nice, it even has real live birds for you to look at! But, yes I know, you would rather be at home.

Why don't you teleport over tomorrow morning and hide out with me. Maximillian has just sent me a freighter of catnip and we can share some.

P.S. Are you going to take your scratchy mouse with you? That is if you were going.
KC said...
Oh, no, Eric. What can i do to help you? Let me know, fast, ok.
Purrs, KC
That is too bad, Eric. I would say that we would break you out and you could stay with us, but mom is allergic to cats. I don't know what to say....

Yer welcome ta come visit us iffen ya want... Yearz ago, we hadda spent 4 days inna cage. The Big Thing tole us we were goin to a "spa". Right... It was like bein trapped inna closet!

Well, we DID get fed an talked to...
Come with me to Italy. I'll pick you up on the way over!
Kittie jail. Teleport over by furiend and you can hang out with me.
Dang!!!!! Kitty jail! Bummer,even though it looks nice.It just isn't the same without Mom & Dad!! I hope the time goes fast if you can't find a place to hide ;)
Purrs Mickey
Eric, this is terrible!
psst, we'z gonna send yoo a smoked salmon wif a file in it, dat way yoo can snack while yoo is breaking outta jail. Just amember to take da file out of it afore yoo eat it.
Do you need me to go over and help you bweak out of jail? I is coming!
Kitty Jail? Uncle Andrew must be busy or they would have asked him, right?
You're welcome here, Eric. Mum says she would love to cuddle with you and you can help me keep Cupcake in line. She's very disrespectful of my floofy manliness.
You can visit me and Pixie anytime!

Thank goodness you will have Scratchy Mouse to keep you company.
Tell your Mum to send you here!
Oh no Eric - not the kitty jail! You can come here if you want!
Oh no! Kitty Jail! It looks like a nice place, though! we looked it up and we know where it is, we'll come visit!



Oh no! I am so sorry, Eric, they left and put you in kitty jail. That's just awful :(
Poor Fat Eric. They absolutely owe you big time for this!
Oh gosh that's awful Fat Eric! At leest yore scratchy m ouse gets to go wif yoo so yoo'll haf company. We'll telerport ofur for games too.
Sanjee and the resta the Hotties
eeeekkkk! we gotta find that kitty jale an getcha owtta thare!
Oh no Eric! Not again. Our Beans are leaving us locked up again furry soon too. It's time we made a stand against this inhyoomanity by Beans to their kitties. Be brave.
Yuck Kitty Jail!! Poo!
OH, sorry to read about kitty jail. I hope they come back quick!
Kitty jail iz deespickabull! I will comez & lets you out.
Eric, never fear. The M-Cats can stage a jail break!
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