Sunday, April 20, 2008


How Could She?

I've had a really nice week spending time with my mum while she's been on holiday from school - gardening, watching TV, playing on the computer - we've had so much fun I've almost managed to forget the recent trauma of kitty jail.

But now!

She's leaving me again! How could she?

At least I won't be in the kitty jail this time. She's going to Norfolk for a week starting tomorrow and I am being left in charge of my dad and the house. It's a big responsibility!

She claims it isn't really a holiday because she's going with 24 children from school and some other teachers and having to supervise children from morning till night. They are doing lots of outdoor adventures and going in boats. I think she might be quite tired when she gets back on Friday night.

My dad is more generous with the food than she is but he's not so good at snuggling or scritches and his lap isn't so comfortable. Also he hardly ever lets me go on the computer, so I'm going to get all behind at reading my friends' blogs again.

As we're having a "men only" week in our house, maybe some of my friends from the M-Cats Club would like to join us for a little party? We can make a big mess and that'll teach my mum to abandon me!

Come and help me snoopervise my dad!

Eric, how terrible that your mum is leaving you again, and for 24 children??? Yikes! And as far as your dad goes, maybe we should teleport our dad over there, because while he doesn't feed us (except for our goodies and occasionally some chicken), he does give us lotsa lovin'! And I, Sabrina, adore his lap! We hope you can make it thru the week and can teach dad what he should be doing to help you thru this ordeal!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
I am sorry to hear that your person is leaving you. As someone who has just been abandoned, I feel your pain. I hope the M-cats are able to distract you from your torment.
Eric, we got your invitation and will hurry right over. Scout wants to come too because he says he is 3 next month he is old enough now.
We can't wait to lounge around the house & garden and give your dad's lap a try!!!!!
Poor Eric. We hope you survive with your dad. We think your mom will be really tired when she gets home, so you will need to be extra nice to her. Plus, if you are extra nice to her, we think you will get more scritches and lap time.

we will be over for the party!! WOO HOO!
Oh, poor Eric. But even worse, poor dad. Just think, he's being left on his own, being snoopervised by a cat. Ouch, dad's ego will need some boosting. We hope you will be gentle with him and not make him work too hard. Feeding you extra treats should be enough work for the week.
We are here!!!! Let's party, let's TRASH the house!!! We will have fun!
Karl and Emil
Hey Eric, that's a great idea! I'll put a note at the M-Cats Club and you'll be so busy with all the company that next week will be over before your know it! I've never been to England! I am so excited! I'll use the M-Cats Club teleportation machine and be right over.
Hi 5 paw,
I'm on my way Eric! How dare she leave you alone for a whole week and take off with those school children.

I don't know what you guys call a men only party, but we will do it! Drinks and poor diets, here we come.

Although mum feels for your mum. Coming off a holiday and having to spend the whole week with her class. Hope she survivies!
I'm on the way, Eric. I brought some food from the Itty Bitty Cafe and some nip. Anybody got toona water?
your bud Pepi
Eric, we know exactly what both you and your mom are going thru. Our mom just deserted us for 6 days to spend time with 45 13 year olds in Washington DC. Good luck with your dad.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie
Doots on the Mum! ~Fiona Bun
hahaha..Eric, dun worry, be happy ManCat! There are times when mommy leave all of us too:( and you know what, at that times, mommy's brother take care of us, but we prefer our mommy indeed:)

umm...let's try these things, how about scratching your mommy's room, waiting in front of your mommy's room, play with her 'beloved things', well...that kinda stuff we used to do when she's going away;)

1st ManCat Monday furr Big Brother Bunjie, Meaouwy Troops leader
I'll send Rudy - then your Dad won't be able to tell you apart!
I'll be over for a visit. We still have snow here and I could use some REAL spring.

Are we too late? Is there anything left to trash?

Well if not, we'll just keep you company.

George & Max
I'm sorry your Mum abandoned you again. But at least you're not going to kitty jail (shudder) and you'll be home with Dad.
Sir Eric, just think of this as a teaching opportunity. You can try to teach your Dad how to do all the things your Mum does so well. Good luck!
I'll come over, Eric. My first offishul act as a mancat can be to help you trash your house. - Vincent.
With your mom gone, I think your dad is going to need lots of snoopervising! Because it's the moms that keep things in order.
Wow, that is alot of responsibility being left in charge of the Dad and the house!

A men only week sounds like fun. I hope your Mum doesn't expect you to clean up and be tidy or anything though.
I could jump over the Pond and hang out with you, too, Fat Eric! It would be nice to just lay around and sleep and snore and toot, and do all those other manly type things!
Hey Eric, can we go out in your garden for a while and hang? This man stuff is making me want to go outside and dig.
oh Jeez, again? i think your mommy should have to bring you lotsa toys back. i'll come visit you during your man week.

also, when you get a chance, i tagged you for the "My Five Sense"A"Shuns MeMe
Your Mommy is weaving you again! Don't wowwy, I'm going over! Wet's party!
Make sure your dad gives you extra Greenies too!
Eric! Come on oevfur here & I will fix you a speshull meal. Dis way, mebbe you wonts miss your momee so much.
our sympathies lay with your Mom this time Fat ERic, 24 sticky little people *wow* ~The FLuffy Tribe
Eric we have tagged you furr a meme. Maybe you could get your mum to help you when she gets back, and after she's tidied up all the mess you make at your party.
Your dad looks like he's trying to handle all your floof, but we think the problem is that he's just not wide enough. You've gotta fatten that guy up so he's got a proper size lap.
What's going on with the humans? Seems like so many are being left while the moms and dads head out. The four of us are spending the weekend together at my place. Having a PJ party. Snuggle up to your dad and soon your mom will be back at home.
Sassy, Momo, Opus, and Roscoe
Have fun with your dad Eric. I hopes you have lots of treats and snuggling together. My mum is going away soon too!! So I has to go to cat prison.
Oh sure, Eric! Count me in!
I don't know how she could leave your sweet face.Yet I hope you have fun with your dad :)
Oh, goodness ... Poor you, Fat Eric! Perhaps you can convert your dad to "super-snuggler" an' make your momma jealous when she returns?

The ManCats at my house all insist that they're up for a trip across 'the pond' to help you make a big mess. Get ready ...

DMM and the Feline Americans
We heard about Beans on trips with lotsa little sticky things an it dont sound like a "vacation".

Hey go sit on Dads lap enough and he gotta scratch ya. It's like, built-in ta them. Ya might hafta purr loud an nuzzle too.
wow! this man week is fun. more niptinis anyone??
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