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Bank Holiday Gardening Report

Thanks to everyone who left a nice comment about Tabs. You might have seen that Tabs's mum also left a comment thanking everyone. There was another tribute to Tabs posted over at the Big Piney Woods Cats.

Today was a Bank Holiday Monday which meant my humans did not have to go to work. After all the rain we have had recently, it was a beautiful sunny warm day so my mum decided to do gardening and my dad did some work repairing the mortar between the bricks on the back wall of the house. I spent the morning napping under my yellow chair upstairs and the afternoon snoopervising in the garden. My mum finished planting up all the containers of plants for summer and put some new herbaceous plants in the borders. She also planted some salad leaves, spinach and sunflowers. The potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and strawberries she planted a few weeks ago look quite healthy. Due to all the rain we have had, everything is looking very green and smells very nice. Isaac the newt and his newty friends are sunning themselves in the pond.

Here are some of the things flowering right now:
The marsh marigolds around the pond are in flower and looking very pretty.

The shrub next to the back door is covered in pink flowers and lots of bees are buzzing round it.

The mini narcissus are still going and there are blue forget-me-nots all over the place which seeded themselves last year.

There are lots of bluebells in the front garden but we don't have a picture of them. Next we are looking forward to seeing the alliums and the clematis and the roses which have lots of buds on them but are not yet in flower.

After gardening all day my mum had to go and have a long bubble bath. She has got a student teacher (someone who is learning to be a teacher and needs children to practise on) starting next week in her class so it will be interesting to see how he gets on.

Oh yes, and the Great Floofy Gingerflower is already in bloom this year...

Ha, ha, ha, ha....Great Floofy Gingerflower! That made me and my Mum laff and laff and laff!

Your garden looks very lovely.

Bank Holiday always makes my Mum laugh because when she was in University she went on a student work abroad program to England (London to be exact) and the people at work said it was a bank holiday the next day, but she thought they meant that only the banks would be closed so she went to work anyways - what a dummy! We call our various holidays statutory holidays, so you can see her confusion (sort of); )
The flowers are gorgeous. Mom is so jealous. As for the great Floofy gingerflower, it took mom a minute. She thought you were talking about those funny round flowers at the bottom of the picture. You do look nice and floofy, though, Eric.

The great floofy gingerflower is the best flower in the whole lovely garden!
All the flowers are lovely - but now our Mommy wants to know where to get a Great Floofy Gingerflower!
wow I loves the gingerflower of great goofy variety. I gots one of them too (my brothar.)

by the way we are working on making a pond in our backyard but none of our plants is growing. do you ahve more picks of the pond??we would loves to see them. I hope mombeanworks on the pond hard and then puts fishes in there for me to
Mum wants to have a Great Floofy Gingerflower! Will they grow OK in Mericky?

Our garden is beginning to look much better. I should send mum out to take pictures.
HaHaHaHa! Great Floofy Gingerflower!
We want one of those in our garden!
You certainly are floofed out extra big in that photo Mr. Gingerflower! You really have a wonderful yard!
Lovely pictures. You're looking extra floofy there, Eric. Are you using a new fur product or have you not started your spring shedding yet?
We were so impressed with the English gardens we saw in the London suburbs. Everyone seemed to have such lovely plants--not at all like the huge "yards" they have in the States. You are lucky to have such an interesting place to explore Eric.
You are absolutely stunning and regal, Eric.

We've been going out into the garden too... Pumpy ran all the way to the back fence and I just sat in the sun. The woman mowed the lawn and pulled a few weeds.

Isn't it nice that spring has sprung?
Those are very beautiful flowers! :) You have a lovely garden. :) We particularly like the Great Floofy Gingerflower! :D
The big Gingerflower one even in me!
Oh my! Where do you get Great Floofy Gingerflower seeds?
Lookit all the stuff you get to sniff! You are one lucky floofy orange kitty.
Your Mum has a very nice garden, but I think my favorite is the great floofy gingerflower ;-)
Wowie! Dat Great Floofy Gingerflower is a splendalishus lookin fleur. We love all the flower pictures. Fanks for showing us.
Beautiful flowers! The Floofy Gingerflower is our favorite!
Those are great flowers! We haf lots of those, and those termaters and peppers things The Big Thing aktally EATS (yuck).
Oh my goodness, the Gingerflower is gorgeous in spring.
YOu have a lovely garden to play in.

I hope the student teacher learns a lot from your mum.

Gorgeous flowers - and just look at you, Eric! Wow!
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