Thursday, May 08, 2008


Before Breakfast

Don't you find that the busiest time of the day is before breakfast? Here's my routine:

Usually I spend most of the night downstairs in the living room. I am discouraged from spending all night with my humans because, allegedly, my snoring keeps them awake, but also I like to sleep downstairs because then I have easy access to the kitchen in case I need an emergency snack in the night.

Of course I am very clever and usually I know whether it is a working day or a weekend. If it is a working day then, about 30 minutes before my humans' alarm clocks go off, I amble upstairs and into the bedroom, stopping on the upstairs landing to strop my claws loudly on the wicker laundry basket. Then I proceed into the bedroom where my humans are sleeping. I walk round the bed to the side nearest my mum and meow once loudly to announce my arrival. Then I take a mighty leap and land on her feet. The bed shakes.

I walk up my mum until I get to her pillow. As you can see, once I am on a pillow there is not much room left for a human head.
I wrap myself round her head and begin to lick her hair. (I did diverge slightly from routine this morning actually as I found she had a sticking plaster on her hand which tasted divine so I licked that instead). At this point she partially wakes up and pets me and we have a little snuggle. My purr motor goes into full throttle.

After a while the humans' alarm clocks go off (they have three, plus me) and I move in between my humans and begin licking my dad's head while purring and kneading my paws hard into his back. He wakes up, gets out of bed and goes to the bathroom.

I take over his side of the bed so that when he returns from the bathroom hoping to get back into bed for another five minutes, there is no vacancy. As you can see. We exchange dirty looks.

My mum gets up and goes to the bathroom. I get out of bed and go and sit outside the bathroom door to wait for her. If she takes too long I start miaowing to remind her I am waiting for my breakfast. When she comes out, we go downstairs. She has to wait for me to go down first through. I like to lead her and I get upset if she goes down first. I lead her to the food bowls and do some pacing about and "hurry up" miaows until breakfast is served.

After having breakfast and seeing my humans off to work I am usually so exhausted from all this effort that I have to go back to bed and catch up on my napping. The weather is beautiful at the moment and the bedroom window provides some lovely rays of sun.

Mum nearly snorted out her evening cocktail reading this. She says it sounds familiar. The only difference is that I, Toby, sit on her chest (right over her pacemaker) and purr loudly and drool, while Cupcake sleeps between her legs, snoring. she doesn't really recommend more than one cat on the bed at a time, but realizes that is impossible.
You do have a very busy morning Eric. You said you don't do this on the weekends? Why not? I should think you'd need to have breakfast anyway!
That sounds like a lovely morning schedule. You look so handsome in the bean's bed. Hee hee. I love sleeping on mom's pillow too.

Gosh, no wonder you were tired. Nice plump pillows to rest your floof on, anyway. :)
What a lovely morning ritual you have! That bed does look very comfortable, indeed!

Purrrrrrrs, China Cat
Well, after all of that we can certainly see why yoo would need to go back to bed.
GREAT routine! We do somethin similar. We hop on the bed an wake The Big Thing up slightly (enough so he turns an stritches us). Then we settle on all sides of him so he cant move.

That makes him wake (eventually)so we get more attention and scritches an sometimes we can efen get unner the blankies then.

He gripes about the heat of us, but if we get him tas do it when half-awake, we get in an he doesnt really wake up.
Eric, it can be exhausting keeping the people on schedule. We are glad you get back into bed for a morning nap afterwards.
Well, it's no wonder you need to go back to bed after your humans leave, Eric. Your day begins before the crack of dawn!

Under no circumstances should you be expected to vacate your portion of the bed or your pillow. If they vacated the area of their own free will, and you happily found a soft, warm, comfy spot, so be it!
It is most important for a gentlecat to have a reliable routine in the mornings Eric. It's very good for the constitution ;)
Eric, you snore? You have a good routine down, especially the sitting on pillow part, that always wakes our beans up. We like to sit on our bean's stomach. That usually does the trick too.
Happy Mother's Day to your mom. .

Roxy & Lucky
Hi Eric! I tagged you for the "About Me" meme. Stop by my blog to play!
That sounds like a good routine to us. I just bite the Beans noses and walk up and down them when I want them to get out of bed. That pillow looks super comfy.
(Big) Eric
Morning routines are very, very important. I can see you have a great morning routine :-)
What a wonderful morning rooteen. I follow much of the same. Mommy duzzint go to work til we get our treets. Rite now we're having Fishy Flakes. Yoo are dooing a good job getting them up and about.
You are one busy guy with a lot of responsibility. It's not wonder you need to go back to bed after you get the humans off to work.
same stuff goes on at our house... mom has three of us following her.My oldest brother uses sad eyed stares and pathetic cries, I just bounce up and down, and Dennis acts like Eric!
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