Thursday, May 22, 2008


Farewell Bonnie

The whole Cat Blogosphere is saddened by the loss of Bonnie Underfoot, the original Attack Tabby.

We will miss you, Bonnie.
Thanks to Chase for the use of the picture.

That's such a beautiful picture of Bonnie. I was so sad to hear ... :(
Thank you, Eric! Bonnie must have been very sick, but she didn't suffer. I'm sure she's bossing everyone around at the Rainbow Bridge. Purrs and thanks,
Tabbymom Jen & Victor
It was so sudden and heartbreakingly sad. We will miss Bonnie.
My mom's eyes keep leaking up all day. We'll miss Bonnie so much.

We are sorry for your loss. It is always hard to lose a friend.

Roxy & Lucky
Farewell Bonnie, we will all miss her.
Bonnie will be missed, she was such a dear friend.
When we read about her yesterday it seemed like "oh nothing much to worry about" and now she's gone--it was just so fast.

Our thoughts are very much with her family.
{{{{{HUGS}}}}} to you our special friends
{{{hugs}}} To Fat Eric from all of us over here at Manx MNews...

and Gracie
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